You can’t go wrong, you know! Come and make some fun decorations, ornaments, or tiny thank you gifts. This is a “Christmas workshop series” that’s all about fun and festivities and people sharing some quality “relax time” each other.  So let’s make this Christmas an especially happy time for us all.

I have designed a selection of them so you can make your own unique Christmas-themed ornaments and displays.


We have a wide variety of workshops – all for the absolute beginner – and we’d love to see you at our Richmond studios … bring your friends, bring someone you’ve been meaning to “catch up with” and create happy memories.

We understand that often when the last term of the school year starts that the run up to December 25 is busy – really super busy – particularly here in Australia with summer on the way! So here’s the timely tonic for you all.  Before the onslaught of all that is the “end of the year” is upon you, get together with friends – or come on your own and make new friends! – and  enjoy some time playing and making and sharing the experience together.

You really can make any of these – it really is simple.  Just cut and pop your glass onto your design – it’s as easy as making an open sandwich! Click the pictures below!

If you want to come for the very first time and make 4 tree ornaments, there’s a workshop for you!

Or if you want to make 8 at a time, click the picture below. 

Or if you want to make 12 at a time -this is the link for you!

If you want to come and play and make candle sconces, (Xmas-themed tea-light holders), yes, there’s a workshop for you, too.

And if you want to come with one or two of your best friends (who haven’t done any glass before), that’s fine too because these classes are designed for beginners. Your friends will love spending time with you in our studios, listening to good music, catching up with you and making something fun while you chat together.  This is a great catch up space!

You can make any of these fun Christmas tree ornaments – or more.  All the tools, equipment and glass, everything is here is ready for you to play and chat!  I can’t wait to see you here: the dates are up on the website for you to choose from, so you can click the links above, or click the link below for a broader list by date.  And thanks to the wonderful Kate, who does all my website work, you are amazing.

is there such a thing as too many tree ornaments?  We don’t think so! Especially when making them is so much fun. Here are some samplers on our little tree at home.

I don’t know when it becomes too many ornaments.  Is that a thing? You can make any combination of ornaments – any at all.  You can see some in sets of 4 below as idea-starters for you.

Imagine popping these into a pretty box and gifting them to someone special? Cuteness overload!


Which of these lovelies would you like to see on your tree?  Here’s my friend Joanne making a candle sconce or two or three!

Here are some examples of what you’ll make in the candle sconces workshop!


If you’d like to make a magnificent round Christmas goodies plate – we have a workshop for you too.  This is however a Level Two workshop and you need to have been to one of our Plate making workshops beforehand.  Here’s a sampler of what you can create. Click the picture!


I’ll show you some of the lovely detail of this bowl.  You’ll have murrini to add to your bowl as well as twisties.  Yes Christmas is exciting – all the goodies come out!  You can see the magical twisties in this picture.



We are also experimenting with starting a workshop where you’ll make one big (really quite big) candle sconce.  It’s 40cms long and 18cms tall.  The design you can see here.  Please let me know if you want to make this as I haven’t scheduled any just yet.  These are fabulous free-standing candle sconce design where you use mostly clear and white snowy glass to create the illusion in glass of snowy Christmas trees.


… a beautiful freestanding, wave shaped, candle sconce but its hard to photograph.  Email me [email protected] if you’d like to make this and we’ll schedule a date to discuss it and make it.

Feel free to share this blog post with any of your friends who you think might like a fun new Melbourne experience.

As always, thanks for reading! See you soon!



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