Level 2

cost: $199
prerequisite: Level 1 finished
you get: Make any sized platter you want, additional costs are listed here so there are no surprises.
duration: 3 hours

Platter Party – come and make your dream platter. Choose your fav size.

Its now time to use your slumping skills to create something else. You choose.

It might be an elegant elongated platter that’s 20cms by 35cms, a draped square (20cms x 20cms) or one of our other platter sizes. Its up to you. *additional charges apply for items larger – keep reading for more information.  I also have loads of large/round molds yous – lets chat about what you’d like to make.  Let’s do it.  My email is [email protected]

This is another of our “mix and match” workshops – so if your friends want to come with you to this workshop they can make something else at the same time. Contact me ([email protected]) and we can make the arrangements for you.

Please let me know when you book in so that I can have the glass and the correct size kiln shelf available for you. You will choose from the large selection of transparent colours, opaque colours, stringers, noodles and rods and “part sheets” that are in the studio at the time of your workshop.

Maybe you’ll make a sculpture! The “retro 1970’s” sculpture will cost you $199 to make, and it comes in a wrought iron stand. (price of this workshop)

The elegant elongated platter is 20cms x 35cms and will cost you $199 to make. (price of this workshop)

The baguette platter is 15cms x 50cms and will cost $235 for you to make,

The Giant Fruit Platter is 33cms x 44cms and will cost $295.00 for you to make.

The Woven-look Fruit Platter is 38cms x 38cms and will cost $295.00 for you to make.

A 25cms x 25cm platter (price of this workshop).

A 20cms x 20cms drape (price of this workshop).

The retro sculpture (price of this workshop) if you are a confident cutter.

8 coasters (price of this workshop).

20cm diameter plate (price of this workshop)

Four coasters will cost you $125.00 to make.

Leaf litter Sculpture – this will cost you $225 to make.

Six coasters will cost you $150.00 to make.

Any extra costs can be discussed prior to the start of the workshop. You can just transfer through the difference. Please let me know when you book in so that I can have the glass and the correct size kiln shelf available for you.

14 days afterwards, you’ll collect your creation from”Our Hidden Studio”, 198 Burnley St, Richmond VIC 3121 or from Thomastown, whichever suits you best.

What a great way to catch up with your friends!

The prerequisite is that you have attended my LEVEL ONE PLATE MAKING WORKSHOP.

We will have good music playing while we create something fabulous together.

Once again, please wear clothes that includes some kind of sleeve (not a tank top), closed toe shoes. (no thongs, no sandals that expose your toes). You need to be able to stand securely on both feet. You need to be over 18 years of age.

Truly, this is a fun workshop to do with your family and friends.  Unfortunately, if we don’t get 4 paid people in this workshop we’ll either reschedule it, relocate it, or give you a full refund.

See you soon.

Thomastown Workshops

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