everyone’s welcome

cost: $110
prerequisite: just people who want to have fun
you get: modern art in a box frame
duration: 90 minutes

Modern Art – in a Frame!

If you are a beginner – you’ll love this 90 minute workshop.

You will make a design, a modern design – and enjoy the discovery of a whole new art form. You will learn how to prepare and construct your fused glass art piece in the colours of your choosing.

Can you imagine this on your wall? Your piece of art will be put in a square box frame for you to hang on your wall or share as a gift with someone you love. (It will be all ready for you to hang on your wall when you collect from Our Hidden Studio, Burnley Street in Richmond 14 days after your workshop.)

During the 90 minutes, you will produce your own modern piece of art glass, that I will fire in my kiln and secure in a box frame as you can see in the picture.

Everything you need is included in the cost of this workshop. Included is: all of your glass, your firings, the box frame, use of studio equipment including safety equipment, as well as the kiln paper you’ll need.

As always, you need to be able to stand securely on both feet to be a part of any of my workshops and you must be over 18 years of age (or accompanied by a full paying adult). You need to wear enclosed shoes, no tank tops. Naturally we will abide by all the Covid19 laws of the day.

How fun is this modern design?

See you soon.

What a great way to catch up with a friends and create special memories together.

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