level 3

cost: $295
prerequisite: Level 2 finished or you have great glass cutting skills.
you get: A giant 33cm x 44cm fruit platter
duration: 3 hours

Giant fruit platter fun Level 3

Make this giant fruit platter for yourself or for someone you love.  It measures 33cms x 44cms! Wowee!

The 3 hours gives you time to brush up on your cutting skills and make your own giant centrepiece. It’ll measure 33cms x 44cms. Is that big enough for you? Will it be a wedding gift for that special wedding?

Our aim is that you’ll build your base piece in the first 3 hour session and if you choose, you can come back and cold work your platter for a second session so it can be fired again and then slumped into the “jackson shaped” mold. If your time is limited, I can do the cold working for you.  This size piece of glass requires that you have really good cutting skills.  Because so few people book into this class, it is now a one-to-one workshop in Our Hidden Studio, Burnley Street, Richmond and you need to email me so we can work out a date that works for us both.

Everything is included: all glass, all tools and all firings. so come back and make something fun and huge – your own centrepiece ready for your next get-together at home, or we can gift wrap it ready for that special wedding.

You will choose from the large selection of transparent and opaque colours, stringers, noodles, frit, part-sheets and rods that are in my studio at the time of your workshop!

14 days afterward your second session, you’ll collect your finished masterpiece!  Of course progress pictures will be taken after you leave so you can see how its progressing. Its exciting!

As always, you need to be able to stand securely on both feet to be a part of any of my workshops and particularly at this location as the toilets are upstairs. Of course, you must be over 18 years of age and need to wear enclosed shoes, no tank tops and abide by all the Covid19 laws of the day.

If you have a particular favourite glass, please let me know in advance so I can purchase it on your behalf from my supplier.

This’ll be fun. If you can’t find a date here that suits your diary please email me – [email protected] so we can find a new date especially for you.

If you and your friends would like to make this amazing masterpiece together, please look up Platter Party workshop where you can each make your own thing and catch up with one another at the same time.  Its a “mix and match” workshop.  Some additional costs might apply to some items you create.

see you soon.

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