level 1

cost: $225
prerequisite: Yearning to learn something new
you get:  To make a baguette platter in our famous French Meadow design
duration: 3 hours

French meadow baguette platter workshop Level 2

French Meadow Baguette Platter.

Come and make a piece of glass art in our unique French meadow design.

See this french baguette (actually its from Bakers Delight) this is the size of the platter you’ll be making in this workshop.

The 3 hours gives you time to learn about glass cutting and then you can make your own long long channel platter. These platters are fabulous for food presentation, they fit a french stick on them perfectly.

*Your platter will be about 15cms x 50cms or you can create other sizes if you prefer, you’ll need to pay me directly if you’d like to create a size other than 15cms x 50cms. You can see here some other sizes for you to think about in this design.  Additional costs apply to different sizes of base glass.

Please let me know 7 days before the Workshop which alternative you want, (I need to make sure I have the correct size kilnshelf and base glass in stock for you.) This will be fun.

Its currently February 2021 and these prices are correct and are uniquely for the alternative French Meadow design only and don’t apply to any other workshop as this is the only workshop in which we use 5mm specialty clear glass.

4 FM Coasters – $99;

20x20cm plate – $99.00;

20cmx35cm platter – $155.00;

25x25cm bowl – $145.00;

Giant Fruit Platter 33cms x 44cms $300.00;

Please let me know when you book in, which option you’d like to create, so that I can have the base glass and the correct size kiln shelf available for you.

You will choose from the large selection of transparent and opaque colours, stringers, noodles, frit and part-sheets that I have with me in Mont Albert at the time of your workshop!

14 days afterwards, you’ll collect your creation from “Our Hidden Studio”, which is now in Burnley Street in Richmond.

Progress pictures will be taken and emailed to you so you know what’s happening step by step.

Once again, please wear clothes that includes some kind of sleeve (not a tank top),  closed toe shoes. (no thongs, no sandals that aren’t closed toe shoes).   You need to be able to stand securely on both feet.

No previous experience required.  Please wear closed toe shoes. (no thongs, no sandals that expose your toes.)   You need to be able to stand securely on both feet.  You’ll be photographed during this workshop.  Let me know if for some reason you don’t want this to happen.

Being at 345AC is a creative, fun, safe, friendly and stimulating environment.  If you’d like to organize a workshop with more than 6 friends please feel free to get in touch, it’ll be easy and fun to arrange this for you.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Mont Albert Workshops

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