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cost: $155
prerequisite:  There are no prerequisites – a sense of fun is required.
you get: your first Alcohol Ink framed artwork
duration: 2 and a half hours

Alcohol Ink – 101 Your introduction to Alcohol Ink and the fun you can have.

During this ridiculously fun 2.5 hour workshop you will learn a little about alcohol inks and the exciting things you can create with it.

You’ll see the ink play on yopu paper and also on glass.  You’ll make three different designs on Yopu paper and then the fourth piece you’ll make on glass.  Its so amazing.  You won’t believe how fabulous this stuff is!

Its mezmerizing watching it swirl, run and explode when mixed with the pure alcohol on the surface.  Alcohol Inks are a little smelly, so we’ll be keeping the space well ventilated during this workshop.  Please don’t wear your best clothes, this is a messy hobby.

You’ll leave with one of your masterpieces framed and ready to hang in your home.

Included in the cost is:

  • everything you need
  • all my alcohol inks
  • everything you need –  disposable gloves, brushes, alcohol solutions,
  • use of Studio tools as required
  • Yopu paper
  • glass for your artwork
  • the box frame for your final design

This workshop offers you and your bestie, an enjoyable experience in a creative, fun and safe environment where you’ll produce a framed alcohol ink piece to keep forever.

If you can’t see a date to suit you and your friends, please email us and we will create a date to suit your diary and ours.  (Some of the images that you see here were taken during an Alcohol Ink event at a Hen’s Weekend.)

Should you want to make something bigger than the Yupo Paper please let me know and I’ll purchase some of these boards on your behalf.  Here’s a description of them: “These art boards have been designed and tested with the Alcohol ink artist in mind.

Many artists complain about the process of sticking large sheets of Yupo to a board and trying not to get bubbles or creases. The easiest way to solve this is to do away with the Yupo paper all together.

These art boards feature a white or Black gloss 3mm Aluminium composite panel top that behaves very similar to Yupo paper when using alcohol inks. Another feature of the non porous surface is if you don’t like your artwork you can remove it with isopropyl and start again.

The Frame is constructed from kiln dried pine with a side depth of 42mm plus the 3mm top.

The edges have been sanded beautify smooth and flush to give a clean professional finish which can be left raw or enhanced with a clear finish or painted.”

You can see a 60cm x 60cm board finished here – please let me know 2 weeks before your workshops if you’d like to work on a board as well, as I need to order and collect the boards for you – [email protected]

I’ll email you by return email the prices and sizes available, there are actually loads of sizes and shapes in both black and white boards for you to choose from.  Apparently triangles will be available sometime during 2021, at the moment you can have squares, rectangles and circles.

I can’t wait to play with Alcohol Inks with you.  jenie

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