level 3

cost: $225
prerequisite: Level 2 finished
you get: A sculptural piece thats 25cms x 25cms
duration: 4  hours total made up of 2 hours first session and 2 hours after the first firing

Sculpture Experiment  Level 3

Come back and make a leafy sculpture or something else you’ve been dreaming about.

This design requires that you have good cutting skills.  If you’d like to book into this workshop with your friends, please look up our Platter Party workshop in Thomastown, where we can have a larger group and everyone makes their own size and shape masterpiece!  *Additional costs may apply, of course for larger items.

You can make this in the colours you see here or another combination if you prefer, let me know your desired colour combinations (at least 7 days before your workshop) so I’m sure to have the colours you need here at the studio and ready for you.

This workshop is designed for anyone who has attended my Absolute Beginners Workshop as well as any of my Level Two Workshops.   So its a Level 3 workshop because accurate cutting is required to successfully create this sculpture.

As always, you need to be able to stand securely on both feet to be a part of any of my workshops and particularly at this location as the toilets are upstairs. Of course, you must be over 18 years of age and need to wear enclosed shoes, no tank tops and abide by all the Covid19 laws of the day.

You’ll use your previously acquired skills and create your very own 25x25cm sculptural piece that you can mount in a frame to hang on your wall.  (If you’d like to make a different size please feel free to ask so I have the correct kiln shelves ready for you.  Extra costs might apply.)

Your masterpiece will be built in the first two hour session and you’ll come back and touch it up so it can be fired a second time before you come back and see it all finished.  You’ll then be able to affix it inside your chosen frame. The frame isn’t included as this is your choice.

Come and have some fun making your own sculptural piece like the ones in the images here.

We will be creating more and more sculptural workshops – this is number one.  If there aren’t any dates up for this workshop, please feel free to phone me or email me and we can create some dates that work with your calendar!

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