everyone’s welcome

cost: $110
prerequisite: just people who want to have fun
you get: modern art in a box frame
duration: 90 minutes

Why not try Glass Art today? If you are an absolute beginner who loves to learn new things then you’ll love this brand new 90 minute workshop.

Can you imagine your very own unique design on your wall?  During the 90 minutes, you will produce your own modern piece of art glass, that I will fire in my kiln and secure in a box frame to hang on the wall or stand on a sideboard.

Everything you need is included in the cost of this workshop. Included is:

  • an expert’s introduction to art glass and how it is worked
  • all of your glass,
  • your firings,
  • the box frame,
  • use of studio equipment including safety equipment,
  • as well as the kiln paper you’ll need.

Can you imagine how much fun you’ll have creating something unique and crazy?  You can’t go wrong!

Now this class is especially – especially – designed for beginners, and it’s even more fun when you come along with a family members or friends. So grab a friend and book in now.

Once the class is over, all you need to do is wait for an email from us showing the progress of your artpiece and we will let you know when it’s ready to be picked up. This usually happens 2-3 weeks after the workshop.

  • You can BYO drinks & nibbles if you like – a glass of wine helps the creativity!
  • 550 Swan Street is an extremely creative, fun, safe, friendly and stimulating environment.
  • Our workshop is on Level 1 so you’ll need to be able to walk up our staircase – there’s no other way to our studio.
  • If you’d like to organize a special group workshop for more friends please feel free to get in touch, it’ll be easy and fun to arrange this with you.
  • You must be 18 or over.

Create memories that will last a lifetime, and a piece of art you will treasure forever. See you soon!


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