Level 3

cost: From $199 *conditions apply
prerequisite: Level 2 finished
you get: Make something wonderful with your glass skills.  Let me know what size you want to make & we can work out the costs.
duration: 3 hours

By popular demand, since Covid, I’ve been getting more and more requests for people to book more “PLAY TIME” in the studio.  So if you’ve finished my Level 2 workshops, like the French Meadow or the Giant Fruit Platter, then you are very welcome to come to the studio and have a play, maybe its just you and me, maybe its you and your bestie.

If you want to do that, simply book the date and I’ll alter the number of seats available, that’s easy to do.  You can choose your favourite size, favourite colours, and favourite shapes, and I’ll help you make it happen!  Unless its beyond my skill level of course, then we’ll find out a way of doing it.  Let’s do it!

But that’s just the start – you have lots of other options!

Please email me so we can talk about what you can make here in 2023!!!  (You can always make an appointment and see the huge array of molds available in my studio. )

You’ll need to let me know what you’re thinking of creating when you book in, so that I can have the glass and the correct size kiln shelf available for you.   Choose from our large selection of transparent colours, opaque colours, stringers, noodles and rods and “part sheets” that are in the studio at the time of your workshop. If you want particular colours or glass type, you’re best advised to check with me more than a week in advance so you have exactly the glass you want in stock.  *I must add that if you want to use loads of red, orange or dichroic glass in a really large design, we might have to adjust some of these quoted prices.

The prerequisite for all the above is that you have all attended my LEVEL TWO  WORKSHOP.


Please wear clothes that includes some kind of sleeve (not a tank top).  Please wear closed toe shoes. (No thongs, no sandals that expose your toes.)   You need to be able to stand securely on both feet and climb one flight of stairs to the workshop.


As with your previous workshops,  once the class is over and the clean up is done, all you need to do is wait for an email from me showing the progress of your masterpiece and I’ll let you know when it is all fused, slumped, wrapped and ready to be picked up. This usually happens within 2 weeks of the workshop.  By the way, your creations will be kept here at the studio for 3 months after the workshop, they’ll be donated to charity after that time.


If you’d like to bring alcoholic or other refreshments or nibbles to this workshop – that’ll be fine, assuming you are over 18 years of age.


For the moment only with people who are fully vaccinated can attend my classes. We adhere to the Covid19 rules of the day.  If you have been unwell, let me know and we’ll reschedule your class at zero cost until you are well enough to come and have some fun!


My studio is a part of the Swan Street Artist Studio complex. We are on Level 1 of 550 Swan Street Richmond. Its a contemporary art space run by Professional Artists, you’ll love having your workshop in this unique first floor warehouse.

Car parks are surprisingly easy to find around our studios. We are on the intersection of Swan Street, and Bendigo Street, Richmond.  You can often park right outside – fortunately we are at the quiet end of Swan Street.  Remember there are Clearways in Swan Street, Richmond and the parking here is 2 hours so we’ll set our alarms and make sure we all move our cars at the 2 hour point.

According to Google, there’s a 6-minute walk from Burnley Railway Station to 550 Swan Street (its 450 metres away).  Tram 70 stops a few metres from our front door.


If you’d like to organize a workshop with your friends here at Swan Street Studios, please feel free to get in touch, it’ll be easy and fun to arrange this with you. It’s a great way to catch up with family and friends.

That’s fine come and get started and we’ll reschedule each session when time is available. Sometimes people take several visits to finish their Level 3 piece!

WHAT IF I WANT TO BUY AN ART BOARD TO HANG MY GLASS WALL ART?    Lets look at the best way to display your art.  Often people purchase a stand or an art board from me here in the studio.

Please email me and let’s create a new date just for you.

You’ll love this workshop!   jenie

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