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cost: $199
prerequisite: Beginners class
you get:  to make a masterpiece like Picasso’s woman
duration: 2.5 hours

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    If you are an Absolute Beginner working with glass – but you love great art – then you’ll love our 2 ½ hour workshop.

    Yes, you will make a 100% original design in art glass, inspired by the great man himself: Picasso!

    Now – and this is very important – you don’t have to be “creative” or “experienced” as you will be helped every step of the way as you learn this fascinating skill, and it’s even more fun when you come along with a family or friends.

    I’ll show you how to prepare and construct your fused glass art piece in bright, cheerful colours of your choosing. Can you imagine your very own art glass creation hanging on your wall? Your piece of art will be carefully preserved in a square box frame for you to hang on your wall, or to share as a gift with someone you love if you can bear to part with it.

    How much fun will you have creating something unique and crazy? And you know what? You can’t go wrong!

    Everything you need is included in the cost of this workshop:

    • an introduction to how “art glass” is created and used,
    • all of your glass,
    • your firings,
    • the beech wood box frame,
    • use of studio equipment including safety equipment,
    • and the kiln paper you’ll need.

    Once the class is over and the clean up is done, all you need to do is wait for an email from me showing the progress of your artpiece and I’ll let you know when it’s ready to be picked up, normally about 2 weeks after the workshop.  During the workshop I’ll take photographs of you for my website and for my social media, if you don’t want this to happen just let me know.

    You need to be able to climb the stairs in our building, as its the only way to my new studio. You need to be over 18 years of age. You need to wear enclosed shoes, and no tank tops.

    Your creations will be kept here at the studio for 3 months after the workshop, they’ll be donated to charity after that time.   If you’d like to bring alcoholic or other refreshments or nibbles to this workshop – that’ll be fine, assuming you are over 18 years of age.


    For the moment only with people who are fully vaccinated can attend my classes. (I have 2 family members who are in the “at risk” category) so please be aware of this before you book. I am fully vaccinated as of July 2022.  We adhere to the Covid19 rules of the day.  If you have been unwell, stay away and we’ll add a new date for you when you are well again.


    If you’d like to organize a workshop with your friends here at Swan Street Studios, please feel free to get in touch, it’ll be easy and fun to arrange this with you.  It’s a great team building exercise and a fabulous way to catch up with family and friends.

    If you don’t see a time and date that suits you here please email me and we will add a new date that suits you.

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