level 3

cost: $295
prerequisite: Level 2 finished (unless you have outstanding cutting skills)
you get: A great looking wave sculpture
duration: 3 hour workshop

Wave Making – Level 3 workshop

I’ll be starting running this workshop in autumn and winter 2022.

Come back and make another piece of glass art.  Now you’ve completed one of our Level 2 workshops, you can use your fusing skills to create another beautiful piece of glass.

The 3 hours gives you time to brush up on your cutting skills and have some fun doing a drape.

Make it in the colour combination and design of your choosing. We usually create a piece that fits on a 30 x 30cm kiln shelf. We fuse it once, and when you are happy with it, we will drape it for you. It’s so much fun and the results are stunning!

Everything is included!

All your glass, your tools and all firings.

So come and have some fun making your own sculptural piece like the ones in the images here.

This class is only for 2 people at a time, so you have plenty of room to move around the studio and to make your draped masterpiece with ease.

Our aim is that you’ll build your base piece in the first 3 hour session. We’ll fire it and we’ll then cold work your drape so it can be fired again and draped for you.  During the workshop I’ll take photographs of you for my website and for my social media, if you don’t want this to happen just let me know.

Choose from the large selection of transparent and opaque colours, stringers, noodles, frit, part-sheets and rods that are in my studio at the time of your workshop! NOTE Please visit the studio about a week before your workshop if you have a particular glass or colour you want to use.

Feel free to BYO drinks & nibbles if you like. As our workshop is on the first floor of our building, you’ll need to be able to walk up our staircase. Wear clothes that include some kind of sleeve (not a tank top).  And wear closed-toe shoes (no thongs, and no sandals that expose your toes).

Once the class is over and the clean up is done, all you need to do is wait for an email from me showing the progress of your masterpieces.  About 14 days after your workshop, your amazing drapes will be ready for you to collect from our studio in Swan Street, Richmond.

Your creations will be kept here at the studio for 3 months after the workshop, they’ll be donated to charity after that time.


For the moment only with people who are fully vaccinated can attend my classes. (I have 2 family members who are in the “at risk” category) so please be aware of this before you book. I am fully vaccinated & boosted as of December 2021.  We adhere to the Covid19 rules of the day.  If you have been unwell, stay away, we’ll reschedule your workshop at a time to suit you.


If you don’t see a time and date that suits you here please email me and we will add a new date that suits you.   I am always happy to add other dates or create a private workshop for you and your friends, if that suits you better.  Just let me know.

See you soon.

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