Last weekend,  I delivered glass works to a  very scenic spot on the Yarra River, near Melbourne, called WARBURTON.

The name “Warburton” has been shared between two townships over the years.

The mining town of “Yankee Jims Creek” was located on the gold-bearing slopes of Mount Little Joe, and was renamed “Warburton” after the mining warden of the district, Charles Warburton Carr.

Gold depletion caused a declining population in the 1880s, so the town was renamed “Old Warburton” and the town of “Upper Warburton” on the banks on the Yarra River was renamed “Warburton”.

Chisholm Park, Yarra River, Warburton

The Yarra river meanders through the township and is lined with walking tracks and beautiful picnic spots as well as fabulous restaurants!

We walked from our cabin, in the dark, to the local pub and one of our party fell over in the mud – we laughed and laughed – which wasn’t very fair but it was funny.

Here’s a picture of the lovely pub that’s in Warburton!

The Alpine Retreat Hotel Warburton

Someone (no name to protect his privacy) fell on the way between the pub and the restaurant – it was very very dark. And wet. And, er, funny.

The Polish Jester Cafe

The Polish jester Cafe is where we ate lots and lots of delectable home-cooked Polish food – indulged in plenty of vodka tasting – listened to live music, chatted to the owners of the Polish Jester – a great awesome night was had by all!

Cabbage rolls – yum!

We were woken up in the morning by canoeists launching themselves off our cabin and into the Yarra River (by the way the air temperature overnight was about 1 degree – so I have no idea what the water temperature was – cold!

Did you notice the video camera on his helmet – these guys must be serious!!!

Breakfast time we indulged in colourful fresh juices and a breakfast so big, it couldn’t be photographed!!!

Great hangover cure! Just to show you that this drink is actually true – here’s a pic of me with it!  Excuse the “morning after” eyes!!

Picturesque swing bridge across the Yarra

Yes, so it took a whole weekend of fun, vodka, colourful drinks, singing, laughing and friends to deliver the following glass works to the YARRA VALLEY SHOWCASE, 4301 Warburton Highway, Warburton.

Life’s colours in shadow box

Life’s colours by Jenie Yolland

Black and white adjustable bracelets

Big leaf centrepiece – great for serving fruit cheese and apples

This shows you the size of my “Big Centrepiece Leaf”  89cm long and 40cm wide.

Lime Delish 12"x12" by jensstudio handcrafted glass

Lime Delish 12″x12″ by Jenie Yolland

bold bracelet in blue

Bold bracelet in blue

All red Heiroglyphic Series by jenie yolland

This series of platters is called RETRO 1918….
(.this design is available in dozens of other colors too.)

A whole bunch of these very pretty and useful compact purse hangers are in the Yarra Valley Showcase.

On the way home, we met a new friend, who does watercolours in her purpose built studio – and this is a scene from the trip back to suburbia!

The drive home – such beautiful scenery!

So if you are in Melbourne, take a drive to the beautiful Warburton!

I warmly recommend you get along – enjoy your outing!

If you’d like to purchase any of these glass gifts – just email me on [email protected]


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