“Well, I’m not the type of girl who likes girlie things,” she said  “Sure I get my nails painted and fight for equal rights at every opportunity I just don’t like the heart shape and what it represents.”

“OK” I said. “So you don’t like heart shapes and so let’s make a square or a triangle or a rectangle in this “heart workshop”.  What about that?”

“Can I?”  she said. “Of course,” I said, smiling’ “The heart thing … its just an idea.  A jumping off point. Just an idea … I’ve actually made a square sampler for the Heart Workshop.”


(this image is missing)

This sampler is a little different from the pieces that are made in the Heart Workshop in that the pieces are actually made in a technique called Strip Construction where 6mm pieces of glass are laid on their side and then full fused … this takes several firings more than the Heart workshop.

But if you want to make something like this that’s absolutely fine, just come along to the Life’s Colours for Absolute Beginners and then progress through until you are able to make your very own Strip Construction piece!


Its really easy and needs to be taken in stages as you need to be able to use different equipment (such as a tile saw) to achieve this: that’s why its a Level 3 workshop.

This is what’s advertised about the Heart in Glass Workshop. Look here!

Here are two lovely ladies who have created absolutely beautiful Hearts framed and ready to hang on their walls.

Here’s an idea. You could always come along with your Mum and share the fun of making a heart together.  I think Mothers’ Day is first Sunday in May (that’s May 7th) so give her a workshop as a unique gift or better still come with her – that’s a great idea, enjoy “creating” together.

Here’s Sarah with the all blue heart she made in this workshop when she came along with her Mum.

Heart Art Workshop image

Now if you decide to make a square instead, see below how awesome it looks in the deep square frame.

Can you imagine how good this scarlet framed square will look when she hangs this work of art in amongst her scarlet, white and black decorated home?  Its going to be fabulous!


Well done on creating a piece of truly unique art glass – I love it and can’t wait to see pictures of where it is in your home.

When you make your heart you come a week later and collect it – it’ll be ready to hang (or give to the love of your life or best friend) in a lovely deep white box frame like these.

(BTW: The gymnast in metal is available for sale – contact me for more information: there are loads of gymnasts like this in our studio they are each created by the wonderful Serena – details available from me.)


Hey Gillian – looking good! – thank you for coming to my workshop and creating your own piece of art.

Come on all you creative people out there – just let me know what piece of art you’d like to create and I’ll see if I can help you achieve it!

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