This is a photograph of blue glass looking like legs coming out ofthe bottom of a mold with holes in it. What inspires me to use blue glass?
When we were on holidays recently.  We were lucky enough to book an end apartment in a block of apartments right on the esplanade of Surfers’ Paradise on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Watching the sunrises and sun sets from different windows of our apartment was awesome.  Holidays like this, is what inspires me to use blue glass.


As you can see blues are everywhere.  Someone asked me recently, “what inspires you?” well here’s the answer, I spend a full week looking at magnificent blues…blue sky, blue sea, even blue reflections…..and so I started to put together some beautiful blues in glass.

Each design has its own name and its own history.  I can make any of these designs again especially for you if you’d like.

You can see that there are loads of different sizes and shapes here.  Its so and the possibilities are endless.  What would you make if you came to the studio?

I hope you like my blue glass designs, here are some more glass pieces that I’ve made recently.

Want to see more blue glass pieces that I’ve made?  Here you go.

Now you know what inspires me to use blue glass.  I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some of these blue glass pieces I’ve been making.  You can see that the possibilities are endless.  You can always commission me to make something for you.

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  1. Greer McDonald 12 years ago

    I know what wonders you do with blue!!

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