Weird wonky and wonderful Wednesday – experiments and unusual happenings in and around the kiln that I’d like to share with you from the past week or so!

So: ever wondered what would happen to that glass if you popped it in the kiln for a little firing? 


Wonky wine glass by Jenie Yolland (just for the fun of it)

Here you can see, it bent slightly on its base, however the actual shape of the mouth of the glass melted even more. The glass on the mouth is much thinner so the heat affected it more than the base.

Cute wonky wine glass by Jenie Yolland

You can see here how much the mouth of the glass changed shape with just a little heat. I’m sorry but I can’t remember the exact temperatures – too much wine perhaps. Not sure how good it will be as a drinking vessel any more – I may need to test it!

more wonky stuff later.

Want more information about wonky stuff 0r to add your own?  Feel free to email me via our contact page.  Talk soon.



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