Weird wonky and wonderful Wednesday – experiments and unusual happenings in and around the kiln that I’d like to share with you from the past week or so.


My friends in the glass world have been telling me that I can fuse and slump my glass pieces and use ordinary chalk from my local Officeworks to do this.  I used one piece of giant sidewalk chalk for this lovely shape.  I’ll be doing more tests as I love the shape here.  I didn’t kiln wash the chalk.  I didn’t do anything to it!  I simply lay a piece of scrap glass over the top of it and this is the scrummy shape that resulted.  How exciting.  More later.  thanks for reading about another test and experiment.  Lots more on this later.   I want to try different sizes of chalk, different colours as well in case this has a different effect.  I’m not interested in learning more about the properties of chalk and why it maintains so much of its integrity at high temperatures, like over 760 degrees Celsius.  This is interesting stuff – chalk.   More information about this soon.


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