three new workshops ready to go

So many of you have finished the Level One workshops we have on offer … Heart Workshop, Life’s Colours Plate Making, Jewellery Workshop, and our Coaster Workshop. 

So from May 1st we’ll be offering a greater variety to choose from in our Level 2 Workshop area (with more being added by popular request all the time). 


Are you interested in creating a platter that’s the shape of the much-loved French Meadow platter but in your own colour combination?  Well its here! 


The platter you’ll make is 17cms in width and 50cms in length. You can create any design you like.  And here’s the everyone’s favourite “Life’s Colours” in this interesting and practical size and shape.  As with all our workshops, everything is included.  You don’t need to purchase anything at all before during or after our classes. 


My dog, Zachary, is never phased by me taking glass photographs out doors – you have to love a Labrador!

And the very dark blue adventurine one on white (at the top of the page) was made by a student who regularly comes to the studio and makes these “baguette” platters for any upcoming family wedding or major birthday.  Here’s another one she’s designed especially for a family member.

And here is a piece I make for my customers as part of my bold and earthy Arizona series.

three new ready to go

Also you can create something elegantly stylish – see this Pick Up Stick design – I love it and I hope you do too. The baguette here is from Bakers Delight – does that give you some idea of the size of this glass piece?

For information about booking in to this workshop – click the link here.


Also you can learn about draping your glass pieces.  Some sample pictures are here to help you decide which shapes you’d like to try. 

This was created from a circular base as was this teal piece below.

Three new workshops ready to go! Alternatively you can do a drape in a square design and it gives you more of a handkerchief effect.  See here:

New workshops

Or if you want to try your hand at something completely different – here’s a truly organic drape you can learn about. 


As well as these two new workshops you can also make a Giant Centrepiece.  Its 33cms x 44cms and is a stunning gift to present to someone for a significant birthday or family event. 

You can see here its in the style of my Life’s Colours design.  This was a recent order for a wedding present.  I can’t show you the images of the lady collecting it because the wedding hasn’t happened yet and the gift hasn’t been presented yet.  But I hope the groom loves his wedding gift from his sister.

Another Giant Centrepiece design you can see here was also made by me for a special order: this is the Sunrise Anticipation design.  Three new workshops ready to go!

Or you could make my Rainforest Freedom design – a bit  hard to see here as the edge is white against a white table.  This one was sold almost as soon as it was finished, hence no decent pictures on contrasting surfaces.  I just want you to get the idea of the lovely shape of this Centrepiece. 


Three new workshops ready to go!


These workshops are all “mix and match workshops” which means that if you want to make this item and your friend wants to make something else, we can mix and match whatever combination you’d like. 

So one of you can make a baguette platter and the other one can make a set of coasters or a Giant Centrepiece – it’s “whatever you want” as long as you both have completed the Level 1 workshops with me. 

As always, if you don’t see a date that suits your diary please call me and we’ll work out a new date for you and your family or friends. 

Next term there’ll be new workshops which include more sculptural challenges for you, for example a “Leaf Litter Workshop” … here’s a sneak peak!the next new workshop series

Email me if you have any questions at all [email protected]


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