The White Knights in Evercreech Tasmania a photograph looking up to the sky through the crown of the huge trees.

The White Knights in Evercreech Tasmania

When I was staying with my brother in northern Tasmania, he took us to see the The White Knights in Evercreech Forest Reserve.   This reserve can be accessed via Fingal by first travelling along Mathinna Road and then Evercreech Road.  Evercreech Forest Reserve is famous for having the tallest white gums in the world, standing at 91 meters and some are believed to be 300 years old.

The White Knights in Evercreech Tasmania  Tasmanian bullocky Richie Wells keeps working bullock team tradition alive.

Tasmanian bullocky Richie Wells keeps working bullock team tradition alive.

The forest reserve was created in 1977, with 52 hectares included.

It all began back somewhere in the 1940s and 50s when the logging machines (bullocks) weren’t strong enough to remove these giant trees.

Then later in the 1970s a road was built right up to the base of the tallest tree and was set to be cut down until local forester Des Howe realised just how big the tree was. Des Howe ordered the tree not to be cut down and a surveyor was called in to measure that tree and a few others in the area.

After proving that the trees were in fact white gums (as a lot of doubt came from botanists) the area was declared a reserve and the big trees were saved! Now the area is used for many recreational purposes and along the White Gums walk you can see a memorial made for Des Howe; the man who made this reserve possible.

There is so much to do at this peaceful reserve.  These trees are called The White Knights.

It only takes about 20 minutes to complete the loop and it winds its way past the giant trees before taking you up a bit higher to view the trees from above. For those who have prams or wheelchairs, this track is great and accessible up to the viewing platform.

However, continuing on, the track goes slightly uphill and gets narrower as you wind your way through the dry forest and back out to the car park.

Evercreech Tasmania huge trees called the White Knights.  This is a picture of people spreading their arms out so wide they can't reach half of the tree trunk it is so huge.  Due to the popularity of this area, the facilities are well maintained and recently several gas barbeques have been installed. There are also several great picnic spots, with one large undercover shelter and also some tables and wood fuelled barbeques dotted along the Evercreech Rivulet.

A beautiful waterfall that you find on your way to see Evercreech Tasmania huge trees called the White Knights. There is another walk starting at either the car park (near where the white gum tree walk ended) or you can cross the rivulet over the bridge and go from there.

This walk is a bit longer and takes about 45 minutes return.

Take the extra step and do whatever is necessary to make yourself unique.

Be the absolute best at what you take pleasure in, and let nothing stop you from reaching your aspirations.

I hope you find time one day to visit The White Knights in Evercreech Tasmania.

  1. Greer McDonald 11 years ago

    Love this Jen! My ancestors were from around Fingal in the 19th C. Woodcutters / woodworkers I think! 😉

    • Author
      Jenie Yolland 11 years ago

      Greeer, this is actually in Fingal! It was an old school and had a smokehouse attached. I believe there is an interesting story behind it – must find out what it is. J

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