I want to tell you about our journey to producing this brand new sushi plate (for lovers!)    The first thing I needed to do was to purchase some sushi and california rolls, nice big ones like these,

so that i could measure them…..its a tough job, but someone has to do it.

You know when you eat those delicious California Rolls, filled with avocado, cucumber and prawns, sushi rice all wrapped together, then you want some soy sauce on them?  …..

Normally you can dip them in teeny weeny little tiny reservoirs.  You get the smallest portion of your California Roll to make magical content with the soy sauce – not any more!!!

The solution is at hand – the sushi plate that has a reservoir designed especially for the fattest and most luxurious sushi roll so that you can now dunk the entire “roll” into the soy sauce.

Here’s how the design started out.  I cut out one hole larger than a large California roll and one that’s slightly smaller.  The material used here is Ceramic Fibre Board which is easy to cut with a stanley knife or craft knife.

I added some fish shapes that were cut from Ceramic Fibre Paper (3mm thick) and here’s the result

This wasn’t what the customer wanted because they want two people to eat from the plate and need two identical dipping reservoirs.  So back to the cutting board – literally.

Now our lovers can sit opposite each other at their table and share and dip to their hearts content!

Back to purchase more sushi from my local shopping mall! And here is the result – we love it.

Here’s what the reservoir looks like close up:

And it sits evenly and yet firmly on its lovely “cut out” corners.

We are going to call this the New American Sushi Plate for Lovers!  I’m proudly producing these not only for my customer in America but for the local galleries around Melbourne, Victoria as well.

The New American Sushi Plate for Lovers also has a “resting place” for both sets of chops sticks as well.

The NEW AMERICAN SUSHI PLATE FOR LOVERS is available in bulk too, if you want larger quantities for your restaurant. (Feel free to contact me with your inquiry.)

If you’d like a sushi plate here’s where to buy one for you and your home.  This is what these designs look like now.


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