A photograph of sushi and sushimi sitting on one of Jenie Yolland's unique glass sushi plates.

I want to tell you about our journey to producing my sushi plate design.  Recently, I got an order from a family of left-handed people in Switzerland who found my sushi plates in my Etsy shop.

The first thing I needed to do was to purchase some sushi and california rolls, nice big ones like these, to make sure that the sushi plates would be able to accommodate a few sushi rolls like this.

a close up picture of some california rolls of sushi and a soy sauce container

so that i could measure them…..its a tough job, but someone has to do it.  So I discovered that the sushi rolls were each about 7cms in diameter.

a photograph of one california roll sitting beside a steel ruler talking about the size of the sushi pieces.

You know when you eat those delicious California Rolls, filled with avocado, cucumber and prawns, sushi rice all wrapped together, then you want some soy sauce on them?  …..


So I made this large sharing sushi platter design.  This design has been discontinued, but if you are desperate for this one we can make it again for you.  We called it the “Lovers Sushi Plate”.

Then I decided that people wanted their own sushi and the platter needs to be dishwasher safe as well and easy to stack in your cupboards so this design is almost A4 in size and can be used for left or right handed people, it can be used for sushi or open sandwiches.  People tell me that they often use the soy sauce reservoir for chutney or chilli jam.  How clever!

so anytime you want an open sandwich or sushi here’s the perfect way to present it.  Whether you be a leftie or not, you’ll find you love these handmade plates perfect for your home.  Here’s where you can find out how to purchase my “individual” sushi plates.  So I cut more fibre board and made a space for the chopsticks to sit while you enjoy your dinner conversations or your sake.

I made 6 sushi plates, 2 at a time.  You can see them here in my kiln.  I made 6 of them so that I could choose the nicest 4 to send to Switzerland.  I wrapped them in pairs and then wrapped them into a single large parcel.

Some of you may already know that when it comes to wrapping, I’m quite a master/mistress/expert!  In the 25 years I’ve been selling glass all over the planet I’ve always taken extra care to wrap my handcrafted glass multiple times with bubble wrap and multiple boxes.  It comes as a huge box but it’s as safe as I can make it.  I always remember that the Postal Service people are busy and throw parcels into the back of trucks and don’t care if there’s a FRAGILE sticker on it or not.  This is my modis operandi,  I want your parcel to arrive in your home in exactly the same condition it left my studio – hence the double box!  Happy customers make for a good life. I insure and track the parcels too.

I love finding out that you’ve actually received the parcel and doubly excited when you send me a message and an image like Sandra did here.

“Hi Jenie
Yeah! They arrived & I unpacked them today. They all arrived save, you really packed them perfect!
Guess what, our dinner today was Sushi! We just love the plates!
Thank you so much for this wonderful work!!!
Take care Downunder!.   “Sandra from Switzerland.

A dining table from the customer where they are using the handcrafted sushi plates designed and made by Jenie Yolland. This dining table is in Switzerland.

If you’d like a sushi plate (or 2 or 10) here’s where to buy one for you and your home.  This is what these designs look like now.Thanks for reading my blog.  Actually, if you want multiples please email me for a special price.

[email protected] to begin our conversation.

I hope you like my sushi plates.  Talk soon.



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