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As you know I love to share the gifts and skills of all types of artists and today I’d like to introduce you to Olga Kamenetskaya.  Olga lives in the Ukraine and she re-imagines dolls.  Yes dolls.  Look at this before during and after picture of her Frank Underwood doll.  (this is still for sale today (July 1st, 2018.)  It is selling for AU$632.00.  Here’s a link to her Etsy shop.


Olga says in her shop “I offer you an exclusive doll Frank Underwood. Frank Underwood is the star of the series and the main character. This doll is one-of-a-kind and a similar doll does not exist.  His hair and factory makeup were completely removed.  A new hairstyle was made from natural wool of Angora goat.  His face was repainted with high quality materials.  The eyes are covered with gloss varnish to give a lively effect.   As the basic doll, I used Barbie doll Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games).


Skin textures, wrinkles and small capillaries are drawn on the face. Careful attention has been given to replicate the nuances of his features.
Makeup was sealed with MSC matt with UV filter.   Not afraid of water.   However, it requires careful handling.

His outfit is an analog of his clothes from the series “House of Cards.”

All clothes are handmade.


He comes with shirt, pants, jacket, tie, belt, panties, socks. Shoes and a stand comes with the doll.  It is unique collectible doll for adults (not a toy)!   Item will be packed well for protection.   Please notice!!!  For sale only one doll – Frank Underwood!”



Claire is put up for a separate listing (see all my items)!    I do my best to achieve perfection, but please understand that she is a handmade piece of art.  If you have any questions or if you need more pics, please just ask.   Frank Underwood from “House of Cards”. Custom repaint Mattel/ Barbie from Olga Kamenetskaya.”

For our indulgence, I have copied a few other before and after pictures of her dolls for you.  I hope you enjoy looking at her fabulous art works!


see how she started with the same Barbie doll in a few of these I’ve shared and she has ended up with fabulous new characters!







“Good luck with love from Ukraine”  she says at the end of her sales page.  I would never have the patience or the insight to see the detail of the faces she creates.  (I’m only discussing the skills here and I’m intentionally not engaging into any conversatons about the persons represented here on Olga’s fabulous creations. )


Congratulations Olga and thank you for allowing me to share your art.



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