Lots of people have fun when they come to our studios.  As you know, I share studio space with other passionate artists – a jeweller, a painter, costumier, a comic book illustrator and woodworker. It’s a wonderful art and community space. Sadly, it’s now under serious threat.

Sometimes we have open days, sometimes they are open to “subscribers only” and sometimes they are open to the public!  We have resident painter, a woodworker (who is new to our studios), a comic book illustrator and sometimes a puppet troup rehearse in our studios, too  We love being here.  We love what we offer our community by being here. But a refusal by our landlord to lower our rent temporarily means we may not be able to stay open, unless you can help!

First, let me introduce you to our Artists.

Our resident jewellery creator is Meredith Hoult of MH Originals jewellery.  I’m always wearing one of her fabulous designs.  You’ll love them when you see them (if you haven’t started your MH Originals collection – now is the time!)  I’ll show you some of her 2020 works.  If you want to purchase some please click here for her online shop.

You can see below the cloak and the detailed work of our iconic costumier Sean Knight.  Look at the amazing clasps that he sources from all over the planet and in his business Greenlord Designs he then uses them as the final flourish in his creations.  The third picture is a small tote bag that apparently can hold your set of Tarot cards.  To purchase or get a bespoke handmade cloak – very stylish for evening wear, too! – please click for his shop.


Our resident painter is Caleph Laz and here’s a glimpse of his amazingly graphic works.  To find out more about his painting in bold, dramatic acrylics and his street art please click on this instagram link.

Some people come to us to escape the whirlwind of our lifestyle.  Some people come to learn something and to distract them from challenges that life has thrown them.  Some NDIS recipients come to our studios to feed their souls.  We are trying to keep our studios going but with people unable to afford their rent during Covid19, we need your help.

We can’t do it alone, so we decided to offer you an easy way to help us by creating a GoFundMe campaign.   If you have any spare money (which because of Covid you aren’t using for coffees and gorgeous restaurant meals) then please spare a few bucks/pounds/yen to support our studios staying afloat. Here’s the link:.  https://www.gofundme.com/keeping-creativity-alive-and-well

Literally every dollar counts. No donation is too small. Job Keeper,  Job Seeker and other assistance is not available to us, and disappointingly, our landlord has flatly refused to enter into a negotiation for rental assistance, and because we are on a ‘month by month’ tenancy, we are not immune from eviction.

Currently our 1 vacant studio is not being filled, as artists are not in a financial position to take on an extra commitment, understandably, nor are they prepared to move into a shared space during this pandemic. If YOU need a space, this available studio is 7 square meters, $325.00 per month all inclusive – including 24 hour internet access, all utilities, natural light – you are welcome to come and go as ou wish/need of course. 

(see link below)

Our brand new artist creates these astonishing wooden tree sculptures/works of art.  I haven’t met him yet sadly as he’s moved in since we were in lockdown.  I can tell you more about him soon! Fascinating work, don’t you agree?

You might know someone who wants to use this as a weird and wonderful office space and not as a studio – that would be amazing – but the occupant needs to know that this is a studio and sometimes our jeweller might be banging life into her creations, or I might be getting deliveries of glass from the supplier.  We are a friendly, positive and open minded group of people.  I love us!

Often on a Thursday night a troupe of puppeteers arrive at our studios and rehearse in our “kitchen” area for a couple of hours.  This is truly a community hub enjoyed by a large array of creatives. It would be tragic if we had to close.

I am asking you to donate if you are able – even a single dollar! – but also please to share our story widely. Please post a link to this article on your Facebook page, or on Twitter, and ask everyone who cares about the arts to help us out.

Every donation, large or small, and every ‘share’ or ‘forward’ will make a huge difference to our chance to keep these great community studios afloat.

Keep safe and stay well!  And thank you.


Here’s the link again  https://www.gofundme.com/keeping-creativity-alive-and-well


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