I listened to an interesting podcast yesterday from Late Night Live from their archives on “The Creative Classes”and it was about how people who are actually doing creative work are not considered to be “creative” and how many millions of people in USA are actually living on their creative efforts.

I’ll try and work out how to get you a link to the LNL website so you can download and listen to it yourself.    http://www.abc.net.au/rn/latenightlive

We now don’t have blue or white collar workers, they are talking about the green collar workers in Australia today, as they try and encourage the school leavers to consider jobs that will help the conservation of our land.  Added to this, we are now talking about the no collar workers, the artists, the gallery owners, the writers, but surprisingly the factory worker who spends his nights lovingly creating music and lyrics for his friends.

Sand Modelling Competition


These are members of the new creative classes who push us to think outside the square, to question our boundaries and explore thoughts we wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to.

I think of these things as I see the finished work of the Sand Sculpting Competition in Frankston. http://www.sandstormevents.com.au


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