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Monochrome platter perfectly fits one french stick its called Making Charcoal


Black and grey design we call Making Charcoal is a fun monochrome platter.  The black and grey bowl is a design full of monochrome flecks on clear art glass.  I hope you like this one.  We called it Making Charcoal after the mess we made when we tried to make charcoal and our fingers were all black and our table was smeared with grey.  It was such fun though!

This kiln-formed art glass platter measures 17cms x 53cms (almost 6¾” x 20″).

Every glass work you see here on my website is created one at a time.  This piece has been created for you as a “one off”, using kiln-forming techniques and high-quality art glass.

If you are interested in the inspiration behind this design or you have wondered about how my kilnformed glass is made, you can see these steps on my blog.

The actual glass piece weighs 1410grams therefore the postage calculated accordingly at the checkout.  (You are welcome to come to the studio and collect it from me if you are in Melbourne.)

If you’d like this design in another size or shape you can request it in any of the following sizes:  here are the sizes of art glass pieces that I regularly produce you can choose your own size or any one of these for your own Making Charcoal Monochrome art glass platter.  Please note that I can make triangular plates or circular ones if that is what you’d like.

  • My coaster sets are 3.9″ x 3.9″;
  • 20×20 plates – 8″ x 8″;
  • 25x25cm plates – 10″x 10″;
  • 30x30cms plates – 12″x 12″;
  • 20x35cms – 8″ x 14″;
  • 40x40cms – 16″ x 16″;
  • 17cmx53cms – 7″ x 21″ which is pictured here.

Postage & Packaging:

Naturally, I will gift wrap your new Monochrome art glass platter and post it anywhere worldwide so it’ll be a surprise for your relatives living somewhere else.  They will love receiving a gift that hasn’t been mass produced but lovingly created by an artist in Australia.  Each glass creation is double bubble wrapped before going into its box which in itself is then double bubble wrapped.  For over 15 years now, my glass works have arrived safely to all sorts of locations, all over the planet.

More reading:

If you are interested in the inspiration behind my designs here’s the link:

© Jenie Yolland


Additional information

Weight 1850 kg
Dimensions 17 × 53 × 10 cm

black, charcoal





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