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blue splat vessel in multiple blues is a talking point for your home or office


This blue splat vessel in lots of blues is a fun little piece of art glass, a talking point for your home or your office.  This has been created using sky blue as the base colour and just a touch of navy, cobalt and turquoise has been added to the end of the splat.  This splat vessel just calls to be center stage in your eclectic home – the perfect gift for your stylish friend.  This work is approximately 8″ x 8″ (20cms x 20cms).  How good would it look in your summer house?

I can make this in another size if you like,  the other sizes you could choose from would be from 8cms x 8cms right up to and including 40cms x 40cms. This vessel is also available in other colours and multiples too.

Splat” was inspired by watching the oil paint fall from a ladder to the floor during our recent renovation.  This is truly an interior designers delight and fun talking point for your home or as a gift for your creative friend.

Naturally, I will gift wrap it and post it anywhere worldwide so it will be a surprise for your relatives living somewhere else.  They will love receiving a gift that hasn’t been mass produced but lovingly created by an artist in Australia.

Each work you see here has been created one at a time; it has been hand cut, fused, ground, and slumped in my Melbourne studio. By using specialty glass and precise firing schedules, I ensure that each piece is of the highest quality.    This work is not suitable for oven or dishwasher as it has been created using best practice kiln-forming techniques and quality art glass.  The quality and the handmade nature of the glass can be seen sometimes in the fine bubbles which appear.

If you are interested in the inspiration behind this design or you have wondered about how kilnformed (fused) glass is made, you can see these steps on my blog.  At this moment, I haven’t written a blog about this piece, it’ll be coming soon.

GIFT VOUCHERS are available for my kiln formed glass pieces.

© Jenie Yolland.


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Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 cm






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