Every month is so different.  Some months everyone wants to do big bold pieces of glass.  Some months we make loads of dichroic jewellery, and some months we do birthday events: well, this was a month of birthdays, and it was so much fun for everyone!

My friend booked her mum and her mother in law into one of my workshops.  It was a special family treat for the three of them as a “family birthday” event. With a judicious stop for coffee purchasing on the way (well, this is Melbourne, after all!) the workshop began.

Each of them wanted to make a 25cms x 25cms plate.  (I gave them all the choices from the website, and that’s what they each decided to do for their first glass adventures.)  See the results below, and click the video to see one of their lovely creations in green … the video gives of better impression of this beautiful glass.



To find out more about my Plate Making Workshop for Absolute beginners just click here.

Next we had another birthday workshop, and this time it was a heart workshop!  How fun!  Three girl friends came before dinner and enjoyed this 90 minute workshop and each created a fabulous heart that I fused and framed.  They came back and collected them all a few days later.  The link to find out more about my Heart Workshop is here.

As we’re in the heart of Richmond many people combine a shorter workshop like this with a trip to a nearby pub or restaurant to “round out” the celebration.



I didn’t take pictures of their finished hearts so below I have shared with you some pictures of other people with their fabulous hearts that they made in this same workshop.  Its easy, its creative, its perfect for absolute beginners (this is something kids 8 years old can do!) and its the newest and best way to catch up with your friends and family.



Melbourne loves creativity and a group class is a great way to celebrate that with friends or family. I am always being told by people with a worried look on their face “Oh, I’m not creative, and I’m no good with my hands!” Well, I have the answer to that: grab some mates and come along together – the spirit of co-operation and support is wonderful and will carry you along to a great result! I have to also tell you that in ten plus years NOT ONE PARTICIPANT has ever walked away “unable to do it”. It’s my great joy to teach people this wonderful art form, and me sharing the “tricks of the trade” will not only enrich your personal knowledge, but will see you take a beautiful piece of your very own glass art home, to bring you joy again and again, or to gift to a friend or loved one.

So no procrastinating – grab some mates and book in now!



PS Sometimes people say to me, “Why are there so few men in your photos”?

Well, the straightforward answer is that we simply get more women attendees than men, but rest assured plenty of men come along too. I think it might be that women especially appreciate that I work hard to create a safe and welcoming environment, definitely non-judgemental and lots of laughs, and people tell their female friends and family and so it goes.

But if you’ve got a creative husband, boyfriend, brother, cousin, friend etc, then please bring him along!

He’ll have a blast, I promise.


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