The artists here at Appleton Street Studios have decided to have another POP UP SHOP…and today was the first day of this incarnation of our artists’ collaboration, its so exciting!

What are we selling you may ask?

Sometimes things don’t go exactly to plan in the kiln – what should I do when this happens – sometimes it becomes an absolute favourite for everyone – and sometimes its not something to peoples’ taste….all these items are for sale at our POP UP SHOP. I am looking forward to seeing what you think about some of these pieces!

We are selling unusual experimental plates platters bowls & pendants as well as some odd sized cufflinks – like these:



We have absolutely perfect silver jewellery as well like these perfect earrings by Meredith Hoult from MH Originals:MH Originals earrings

Speaking of perfectly wonderful creations – there are a selection of Jacqueline Tiepermann’s oil paintings as well as some framed prints of her spellbinding works on paper – framed and unframed.  Can you believe how lucky we are to share our gallery with such luminaries!

Jacquelin'es image


No wonder we are excited.


Nilla's image

The newest addition to our studio is Nilla and her art reveals how much fun she is to have around – see you soon at APPLETON STREET STUDIOS, 53 Appleton Street, Richmond.

We have loads of pendants – prices that will surprise you!

dicihroic pendants by Jenie Yolland

Here is another pair of perfect earrings from MH Originals:

Arabian Nights by MH Originals

As well as the jewellery, cufflinks and pendants, you’ll find loads of plain glass items for sale, like this microwave safe noodle/nachos/soup bowl that is 30cms in diameter.


Jenie Yollands octagonal nachos bowl


There may be some of my famous “oversized cheeseboards” in the shape of a leaf available during the POP UP SHOP too (but you’ll need to ask to see the selection).

Jenie Yolland's giant leaf project

As well as this you can purchase dozens of art glass gifts – we have colour coded the gallery and you can head straight to the colour area of your choice.


Or if you prefer – we have an entire section of the gallery devoted to lovers of monochrome!  You’ll love it!

monochrome Fitzroy by Jenie Yolland

The POP UP SHOP will be open every Thursday Fray and Saturday from 11 am until 4pm during the whole month of May.  I can’t wait to see what you decide to make your own at our absolutely fabulous POP UP SHOP.

What else would you like to know about our Pop Up Shop?







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