Feast your eyes on a beautiful oversized rainbow clock – made to order!

My lovely friend loves rainbows: to explain how much she likes rainbows let me tell you that she decorates her Christmas tree every year in a variety of rainbow colours. Something like this.

Well, Imogen was renovating her home and wanted a new clock to go in her new modern look living area which is also the central hub of her successful business.

Imogen Lamport B.A. Comm., AICI CIP is an award winning Style Blogger and Image Consultant who writes the hugely famous blog Inside Out Style, where she shares her passion for empowering women to dress in a way that makes them feel authentically confident and attractive (and to stop wasting money on the wrong clothes). Her aim is to bring out the best in you. Imogen often travels internationally to train people to be image consultants.

She loves colours, and especially she loves bright colours and she dresses wearing fabulous colours.  As a professional image consultant she also has a good eye for design as well as colour.  Here’s a really interesting article she’s written about colour:  Why is Colour So Important?


So anyhow, to start the job I created one of the colour samplers that you can see above.  That included cutting up the glass into smaller pieces (called frit) and incorporating them into the design.  I was trying to grade the design rather than have sharp lines between the colours.  So I cut each of the colours and laid them on to some clear glass and full fused it here in my kiln.   We really preferred the elegant strips fused together so I cut strips large enough to go the width of the finished clock.  You can see the steps in the images below.

As you can see, next we drilled a hole in the centre of the big piece of glass ready for the clock mechanism.  This hole was actually drilled by a friend of mine who showed me exactly how to do it for the next time I needed to do it.  Thanks Niel of Ace Leadlighting Studios!   Together we added and secured the clock mechanism. I must admit, I found drilling into the very large piece of glass quite frightening at the time.  As you can imagine, nowadays, I do it all the time for my SPLAT CLOCKS. Look at them all!

We discussed what colour the clock hands needed to be and decided upon silver.  Elegant against all the rainbow colours of the clock, with a red second hand that stands out perfectly against the blues in that section of the clock.


And just sometimes, I sell the “clock” before I’ve even turned it into a clock because a customer wants it as an unusual and eye-catching wall feature just like it is.  This cobalt splat was sandblasted to achieve this matt finish.  She looks happy with it.

I was so proud of this huge clock for Imogen that I had some pictures taken of me holding it at the top of our stairs at home. Gives you a good idea of the scale of the item.


Then I delivered it to her nearby home and with the help of her ‘handy’ husband she successfully hung it on her wall.  See the two “stand-offs” on the top and the bottom center?  They are what holds it to the wall.  You can get them from Hang Your Glass.  They are the absolute best way to hang art glass items on your wall in case you were wondering.   So here’s the Rainbow Clock in situ:

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our ‘made to order’ Rainbow clock.  I’m always happy to hear about what you’d like me to create especially for your home.  Have you got a favourite spot that needs s splash of your favourite colour or colours created in art glass? Let me know, well in advance of this awful virus thing being over!

International delivery always needs to be discussed in detail before we start on any consignment for you.  Please let me know if you’d like something made especially for you by emailing me [email protected] and if you’d like to look at my shop here’s the link.

How good does it look in her newly refurbished home?  Remember, your questions are always welcome!

Talk soon.




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