Welcome to our world of  Coaster Workshops. Take a break from the news!

My pictures here might motivate you to come and do a coaster workshop with us.   For obvious reasons we aren’t running any workshops until some time after June 1, 2020 and if we need to change the dates to July or August we will.  We’ll do anything that’s necessary to keep you safe.

Sometimes when people make coasters, they make 6 that all match.  They are all different yet the same essential design.  See here.

Alternatively, sometimes people like their 6 coasters to be all different … completely different!

People just love making coasters.  They’re easy yet so creative. You know sometimes they make one for each family members or for their regular visitors.  (I’d never thought of doing that.)  Which would you make?

You can see some people enjoying their coasters here.

We usually have a Coaster workshop once a month, so there are loads of dates to choose from.

Private bookings are available for you and your two best friends.  (The studio is small and we can only fit 3 people at once. Don’t you love an intimate workshop?  Get the studio to yourself and have fun making memories with your friends if there are 3 of you who book in together.)  What a unique birthday gift to share with someone you love!

I hope you like the look of our COASTER WORKSHOP in pictures.  If you want to find out more about our workshops, click here.

If you want to make more than 6 coasters in the workshop just please let me know so that I have enough blanks ready for you when you arrive. There will be extra costs (more glass!).

Once in a while, someone wants to make little art works that are the size of coasters.  They are textured and you could frame them as decor inside your home.  See the blue & red one above.  Imagine that in a frame – sooooooo cool.

I hope this has happily distracted you for a little while.  Thanks for reading and for following along.

Much love,



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