That was amazing.  That was November!  Phew! Find out about a very busy month in the studio in today’s blog.

There are new pieces in some of my regular galleries and one new outlet as well.  We went to Palm Cove and did absolutely nothing for a few days, except we worried about the huge fires here in Australia for the first time (in November).

I ran new workshops and met the Mayor of Yarra – she’s so nice.

Along with my husband we have also started a new hobby/addiction at home – growing plants from seeds.  Yep, that sums up the 30 days of November.  Here are some pictures from this month for you if you are interested!

These new shapes and styles are at the fabulous Stony Creek Gallery in Daylesford.  The design you all know is Barcelona Daytime, but the overall shapes are new.

The other design that incorporates straw transparent glass and loads of different transparent and opaque greens is a new design we call Positano.

For years I have been a part of a special December experience at Alcove Art Shop whereby all the artists bring loads of their work to the gallery and from Tuesday December 3 until Sunday December 15 the entire foyer of Box Hill Community Arts centre, is turned into our exhibition space!  We call it our Christmas A’Fair exhibition.  All our local artisans showcase an exciting range of handmade items, including glass, ceramics, jewellery, paintings, sculptures, Christmas decorations, textiles, cards and much more believe it or not! Such fun and so varied. You really should pop along if you’re in Melb0urne.

I couldn’t possibly show you all the pieces that are in our Christmas A’Fair but here are 12 images to maybe entice you to come to our show.

And of course, every December Sherbrooke Art Gallery hosts a “bargain sale”.

Its a very different type of exhibition totally!

So when you’ve clean out your studio for “spring” and you prepare for the fabulous new year, you  might have items you don’t love that much or canvasses you want to find out if someone else actually likes your new experimental style – you put it for sale in Sherbrooke’s unusual “Bargain Sale”.  It is open for all of December and January!  Here are a few of the items of mine you’ll find if you go there.

Three of us also had a very successful exhibition at the eclectic Bolin Bolin Gallery in Bulleen that was great fun.  Thanks to a fabulous team of people this is how the exhibition looked.  (At least half of these items have now been sold and some remain at the gallery for their Christmas show.)

You can see we had a Garden theme going on here because the Bolin Bolin Gallery is a part of the Bulleen Art And Garden business.  The link to their website for opening hours is here.

But that’s not all!

A new outlet I’m a part of is called ARTOCRACY.  It’s a little shop where ten artists share the costs and the running of the space.  Its an experiment.  Each artist gets 3 months to see how they go in the shop.  I was lucky because my 3 months included October, November and December!  So I’m there for another full month.  The address is 157 Sydney Road, Brunwsick and we are open from 10-6 everyday.  Here is a snap shot of a couple of the shelves and the product that was there when I was “on duty” on Thursday.   The pottery in Artocracy is a best-seller, all handmade by my friend Jo Maggs of Lilly Pilly Pottery, here’s the link to find out about her wonderful products.  Look at the keep cups they are hot right now, especially as they come with bamboo lids!

Busy? You bet! So amongst all this we went and spent several days in the wonderful Palm Cove.  Have you been there?  We stayed at Peppers Resort Palm Cove.  Here’s what I woke up to on Day 1, then Day 2, then Day 3, I was too relaxed on Day 4 to take any other images.

And of course we had so much fun with our new Christmas themed workshops at the studio.  I’ll schedule more of these in 2020 – we have a few scheduled for the coming week only, then we are closing for the Christmas and summer holidays.

Here’s a glimpse of the fun we are having in our workshops.

Thanks Jo for being such fun to have around!

There are of course, some items I can’t share with you because they are gifts our students are giving their loved ones.

As Christmas is coming, I won a place to exhibit inside the Ringwood Library.  I wonder if you can guess what day of the Twelve Days of Christmas, I got.  Go and see the exhibition – its amazing!

Anyhow, that’s more than enough about my November in the studio, so what did you do in November?  Maybe I’ll see you in December.

Thanks for reading and for following the adventures. Go glass!



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