I want to share with you the diversity of pieces being created in our new French Meadow workshops.

You can see some of these amazing platters being created here. I’ve loved watching these being built and I hope you do too.

some people are adding cute little bumble bees to their French Meadow platters.

some people are adding flowers – this one apparently is called an Angel flower.

another bumble bee!

some of the works are simple with few colours and others have loads of colours and are bright and full of a variety of colours and textures.

Often the workshops include two people who have come to the studio together to enjoy the experience of creating two items for their home.

He’s making the stringers for all of their pieces

Some people create their flowers in a random patter and others put their flowers on their platters very carefully.

The best part is when they see their finished work and realize just how clever they’ve been creating something so wonderful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few of our achievements in our French Meadow workshops.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please feel free to book into any of our French Workshops when ever time allows, I look forward to seeing you soon.

  1. Lucy 4 years ago

    It was a fantastic experience for novices too!! Such an amazing thing to create with lovely guidance and teaching. I love how everyone’s looks so different but we used a fabulous base design

    • Author
      Jenie Yolland 4 years ago

      thank you so much Lucy for your positive testimonial. Yes I agree its amazing how everyone starts with the same base and the same options yet everyone produces something so different. We celebrate our differences! Thanks jenie

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