How fun are these?  This is the perfect way to kich start your love affair with glass art.  Let’s enjoy some time off and create something simple and elegant!

They are easy to make and every person makes a different one, albeit, inspired by the same concept.  Its the new workshop where you can make a STRIPEY SCULPTURE!

You can see my friend here and she’s just finished making her very first sculpture in art glass.  She’s made loads of jewellery items previously.  This is going to be amazing when its fused.  I’ll only tack fuse it for its first firing and a slump for its second firing.



Another person came and made a STRIPEY SCULPTURE which included some adventurine glass that you can see below.  Another person used the magical dichroic  glass in their stripey sculpture.  Some people use my baby dots of glass in their design.  You choose, your design, your time off, your sculpture!



Some people use loads of glass strips, some people use the little dots (that we call babies) that I have in my studio and some people use stringers.  Every piece is so different.  Some people want to use their glass masterpieces as an unusual fruit bowl (in fact most of them have decided they love them as fruit stripey sculpture.)



As you can see, most of these designs are approximately 20 cms by 40cms and some are taller than others.  Its up to you what size you’d like to make.  The tiny one that I made as a baby sampler is actually only about 8cms tall and its still 40cms long.  This one includes adventurine blue (on the left hand edge) and loads of fun glass “babies”.


Its cute isn’t it?  (This is where you need one of those interrobang that I was talking about in my previous blog.) ?!

You can see that one person cut one of the buttons in half and incorporated that into their design.  Sometimes the little buttons are odd shapes and sizes – we have loads of these available for you to play with.  Everything that’s in the studio is available for you to use.  This piece has the “babies” in the design in sets of three in some places.  It looks good doesn’t it?


Other people add “stringers” to their piece as well. The possibilities are endless.  Stringers are thin strips of glass they are similar to a fine straight piece of wire.  See image here.


These sculptures are easy to cut and a simply a gorgeous shape.  Book in to one of my scheduled workshops or alternatively get in touch with some dates you’d like to do this and email me [email protected].

See you soon!



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