I am grateful that you are buying our gift vouchers.  Thank you.

I am grateful because it means that you have faith that at some time in the near future we’ll all be able to return to our beloved studios and we can share good times and create new memories together in our workshops.

I am grateful because it means I can pay my rent and keep the wolf from the door at the studio.

I am grateful because it means I can keep my supplies topped up with all the goodies that we are going to need for you.

I am grateful because it means I can purposely survey the internet for fabulous things for you to play with when you come back to the studio.  I am using this time to research idea starters! Here’s a sneek peek at what I bought for you from a glass studio in Croatia!

If you are thinking about getting a GIFT VOUCHER for anyone they are easy to purchase.

Go to my website and GIFT VOUCHERS are right there under WORKHOPS.  When you click on Workshops, the drop down menu appears and you go automatically to Gift Vouchers.  You can choose whatever workshop you want to gift someone.  Don’t worry about the dates because its not difficult to move a person from one date to another.   Just email me if you have any questions about Gift Vouchers or Workshops.

There are different price points too.  See here some of your choices for an Absolute Beginner Workshops: all vouchers are available for any dates across the website. Remember, absolutely NO prior experience is necessary, and you don’t need to be “crafty” – anyone can do it!

The HEART workshop is $99.00, our JEWELLERY workshop is $145.00; our PLATE MAKING  workshop is $220; our ALCOHOL INK workshop is $155.00 and our COASTER workshop is $200.00.  These are generally the classes that people purchase as GIFT VOUCHERS.  Of course, from September 1st you’ll be able to get vouchers for our ridiculously fun Christmas Workshop Series!

Our Heart workshop is just $99. That’s less than the price of a good meal for fun that you will remember for a lifetime!

Our Jewellery Workshop – $145. Wear the art you create! And make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Our Plate Making Workshop – $220. Create a plate your friends and family will admire forever!

Our Alcohol Ink Workshop is $145. Discover this hugely enjoyable artform and take home your marvellous creation.

Our COASTER workshops are $200. These simple and practical coasters make a wonderful addition to your decor.

if you are interested in other workshops please let me know.  Come with your mum, come with your bestie, create new and long lasting memories together, and a stunning piece of glass as well! Remember, our workshops are always over-subscribed, so don’t wait forever and be disappointed.

The link to the website is here.

Again, I am SO grateful that you are buying our gift vouchers.  This is certainly the best Covid 19 gift that I know of.

Stay well and stay home until this nightmare is over. And listen to science, not opinion.




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