Stu Thompson Artist In Pencil

“How Is It Made?” you ask. Here’s How It’s Made – today, pencils!

When I was a child in Adelaide I was unbelievable fortunate to be given a set of Derwent coloured pencils for my 8th birthday.  It was about the best birthday present I’ve ever been given.  I can’t image how many pay packets it must have cost my family to get it for me, it was the birthday after my father died (I wonder if they were over compensating), but I’ll never know now.  You can see here what the package looks like, I found this image on Pinterest.  It brought back so many powerful memories.


You can see in the video below how Derwent pencils are made.  Let me know if you enjoy this like I do.

When I talk about people with talent – look at this pencil work created by one of my heros (we have purchased one of his works that we own and have in our home.)  Please feel free to look him up and commission him to draw an animal or image for you.  ALL WITH PENCILS!  You are amazing Stu.  Stu Thompson Artist in pencil

Stu Thompson artist in pencil

how talented is my friend Stu?  More here: Stu Thompson Artist in Pencil facebook page .


"How Is It Made?" you ask. Here's How It's Made - today, pencils!

unsurprisingly, this is the one we own.  Wine drop by Stu Thompson

Congratulations Stu on a fabulous portfolio of work!

More about how things are made in future blogs.  Subscribe if you want more.  Thanks



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