This is a picture of close up of a sheet of glass that's called Blackberries and Cream made by Oceanside Tile Company in Mexico. The blog is called Ever wondered how sheet glass was made?

Around the planet there are many companies that make sheet glass – today I have assembled a raft of videos that show how sheet glass is made in case you have ever wondered how sheet glass was made.

Each video is from a different supplier and gives you their spin on how its done.  You can choose which one to watch of course.

First up is an exciting one from 2011 from the art glass company, KOG where people actually run around carrying molten glass from one site to another.  The KOG stands for Kokomo Opalescent Glass company.



I’ve added a link to their home page in case you want to learn more about the fabulous glass created by hand at the KOG home page.

You can see the handmade rolled edges of their glass in this image.

Window glass is made on a different scale all together.

To understand the different methods of making sheet glass I’ve included a little video created for kids that explains the process in an animation.



Should you want to learn more about “window” glass or as we call it “float” glass you can watch this 9 minute video on how it is made in the enormous Pilkington factory.  Pilkington in Australia is now called Viridian Glass



The fabulous Discovery Channel also created a 5 minute video of how plate glass is made.  I have included a link here to the Discovery Channel home page .



Next time I’ll talk to you about something completely different.  The glass shown in these videos is the glass I use to make my glass art pieces that I have for sale in my shop.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog.  I’d like to know if you want a topic discussed, I’d love your input.

Thanks jenie yolland




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