We walked along the creek’s edge and there were so many different colours of green.  I love them all – deep viridian greens you’d hardly expect to find in a forest together with the yellow green of the miniscule buds emerging from the fronds.  I love the greens all together there and have created this series of bowls and called them NEW FOREST, HAMPSHIRE.

Some of the glass is beautifully transparent while some (called Adventurine) is dense and includes sparkles).  Stringers (fine thin strands of coloured glass) have also been added to this series.

There is a round one too in the collection of NEW FOREST, HAMPSHIRE.  Here it is
This series is in constant demand from Nurseries.  They tell me that their customers love to buy a gift plate with greens in it when they purchase their plants. One stop shopping at its best!

If you would like any of these works in fused glass, please just email me or call me.


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