Level 2

cost: From $199
prerequisite: Level 1 finished
you get: Make something wonderful with your glass skills.  All costs are listed here – no surprises! Come along!
duration: 3 hours

Let’s get this Glass Party started! Level 2 participants only. Arrangements and payment made (by direct bank transfer) directly with me (not via a third party website).

I invite you to come along and make your dream platter. Choose your favourite size, faourite colours, and favourite shapes, and we’ll help you make it happen!

Use your new slumping skills to create something utterly unique to your sense of style and place – with our help every step of the way, of course!

It might be an elegant elongated platter that’s 20cms by 35cms, a draped square (20cms x 20cms) or one of our other platter sizes. Its up to you. I also have loads of large/round molds – lets chat about what you’d like to make.  This is my base item for this super-fun workshop.

Let’s do it!  My email is [email protected].

But that’s just the start – you have lots of other options!

  • The elegant elongated platter is 20cms x 35cms and will cost you $199 to make. (And that’s the base price of this workshop.)
  • A beautiful long baguette platter that is 15cms x 50cms will cost you $235 to make.
  • The Giant Fruit Platter is 33cms x 44cms and will cost you $295 to make.
  • The Woven-look Fruit Platter is 38cms x 38cms and will cost you $299 to make.
  • Make a 25cms x 25cm platter ($199).
  • Make a 20cms x 20cms drape ($199).
  • Make a retro sculpture ($199) if you are a confident cutter. This is a Level 3 activity, you must have competed a Level 2 workshop already.
  • Make eight art glass coasters ($199). Four coasters will cost you $125.00 to make.
  • Make a 20cm diameter round plate ($199)
  • Make a “Leaf Litter” Sculpture – cost $225 to make.

Let me know what you’re thinking of when you book in so that I can have the glass and the correct size kiln shelf available for you. Choose from our large selection of transparent colours, opaque colours, stringers, noodles and rods and “part sheets” that are in the studio at the time of your workshop. If you want particular colours or glass types check with me in advance so we have them in stock. Agreed payment to be made in advance by bank transfer.

Once the class is over and the clean up is done, all you need to do is wait for an email from me showing the progress of your artpiece and I’ll let you know when it’s ready to be picked up. This usually happens about 2-3 weeks after the workshop.

The prerequisite for all the above is that you have attended my LEVEL ONE PLATE MAKING WORKSHOP.

Once again, please wear clothes that includes some kind of sleeve (not a tank top), and closed toe shoes, (no thongs, no sandals that expose your toes). This studio is upstairs so you need to be able to climb our staircase. BYO drinks and food if you like. A glass of wine helps the creativity! Over 18s only.

For more information about this workshop please read the PDF.

See you soon!


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