I’m giving away a workshop!  Free!

Yes that’s right, I’m giving away a workshop.  My birthday is coming up and I’m going to start a tradition of giving away things to other people on my birthday. It’ll make me happy, and everyone should be happy on their birthday, right?

“So: what do I have to do to win this workshop?”

Well, as you know, good reviews help me fill my workshops, and like any business – even an arty one! – I need them filled! So if you’ve ever done a workshop with me please write me a quick review on Google >>>>  Click here to get to the review writing page!   You’ll need to sign into your Google account (or already be signed in). And then write away! That’s really all you need to do to be in the running to win a fun PlateMaking workshop space!

Or, if you’ve ever purchased a piece of my glass art you can write a review about that experience or the piece of art itself.

“Why do you want me to write a review on Google?”

When you write these reviews for me it really helps to get my workshops listed higher in the ranking at Class Bento as well as with Google.  And of course, that helps get the word out about my workshops and about our Open Studio events. We’ve all gotta play the algorithm game nowadays, or we’ll never get heard by anyone!

“I’ve written a review on Class Bento – do I still need to write one on Google?”

Well, first of all, thank you! But yes please, review me on Google itself, because Class Bento takes their popularity ratings from Google and not from their own reviews.  Go figure, right? It’s silly I know, but I just found out this is how it works and I’d love to have more people coming to and enjoying our workshops.

“OK, cool. When do I find out if I’ve won the workshop?”

The winning review will be chosen at random and I’ll let you know on September 25th – and yes, that’s my birthday!

“What if I don’t like writing reviews?”

If you aren’t confident in writing a review, here are a few that people have written previously and you can mix and match any words that match your experience, if that helps you.

“All the things you wanted to know about glass art but felt too fragile to ask! Jenie outlines the theory and shows how to do the hands on stuff safely and effectively.   You can be creative with your own design or follow some guidelines and still be creative. And like all artistic endeavors, there are no wrong answers; just individual expression. I’m giving this workshop 5 Stars!  What a great way to escape from the real world!”

“Jenie is a great communicator and teacher. The venue for this workshop was fantastic and full of character. All the tools and materials were provided and well organised. I highly recommend this workshop.”

“We had a great time working in Jenie’s studio. Jenie introduced us to the materials and cutting skills needed for our workshop. A wide variety of materials were available at our disposal and support with skills and ideas was given when needed. The studio is a bright and a stimulating space. This was my second time attending one of Jenie’s workshops. I gifted this workshop to a friend as her Christmas present (so she could make her own present) and worked along side her to share the special time together. I would recommend one of Jenie’s workshops, especially going with a friend. Thanks Jenie!”

“Loved, loved, loved this class. Jenie is an amazing person and teacher.

Thanks, Jenie. Loved this class, and loved my ‘masterpiece’. You are an amazing person and teacher.”

“Had a great time, I’m a bit of an anxious person but didn’t feel like that at at all. She’s a good teacher and the others in the class were great, and my pendants are all really lovely.”

“I saw this sculpture and knew i had to have it for the foyer of my business in Hong Kong. I am going to add a light to the back of it and it’ll look really good. Thank you Jenie for packaging it so carefully so that I could carry it through in hand luggage without worrying too much about it. Thanks very much again.”

OK, now you have all the clues, feel free to enter! You’ll need to sign into your Google account to leave a review 🙂 Click here to get to the review writing page!

Hey! If you’re feeling really influential, you can always add your review to TripAdvisor if you have the time! Most of all, thanks very much for supporting “real” art in the community. I am personally so grateful. Love, Jenie x



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