Getting excited about my new website - almost there

Getting excited about my new website – almost there.

I’m almost ready to share my new website with you and I am so excited! Iridized 17x53cms by Jenie Yolland


Pacific Ocean by Jenie Yolland baguette platter by Jenie Yolland


splat in black by Jenie Yolland

This is what the items look like in my new shop on my website.

Black splat sculptural bowl a fabulously creative gift

splat clock in black by Jenie Yolland

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I’ll be showing you my latest works and talking to you about what has inspired me and how it went, expressing an idea in glass – playing with colours and powders, techniques, textures and ideas. Up above you can see a new “Splat” bowl and another “Splat” that I turned into a clock.

Down below a gorgeous ruby red, clear and cherry red art glass “woven” fruitbowl. Very time consuming but always popular! Noir woven by Jenie Yolland

The inspiration of travel always gets my creative juices flowing – like our recent visit to Barcelona for example:

This standing sculpture was inspired by Gaudi’s colourful, eclectic architecture.

Carrer de la Diputacio by Jenie Yolland

And this is what I make after a night watching fireworks!

Fireworks in art glass by Jenie Yolland

Sometimes I am just having fun in the studio, experimenting, learning … trying new techniques …

… playing with a whole new way of using the glass and new temperatures … seeing what the glass does … never quite sure what we will find when we open the kiln!

drips suspended

… and more drips and  shapes and fun with glass, I haven’t added any of “My Girls” to my website yet.  I hope you like them, this girl is called Cornelia.

Cornelia for my girls series by Jenie Yolland

From my first attempt at creating an image in powder to admiring leadlight techniques and recreating them in warm glass … every day is a discovery.

An adventure!

Seeing the way  colours work together.

Torquay Bay by Jenie Yolland

Copy of website header

And I love working in monochrome schemes – using tone and shade rather than different colours, especially when winter landscapes are around me. Or modern kitchens!

I must admit I can’t resist creating bling to play with …

IMG_2228 - Copy

… and there’s always jewellery to create – sometimes in collaboration with other artists like this piece here … created with silversmith Meredith Hoult with whom I shared a very successful joint exhibition at Appleton Street Studios in Richmond, Victoria.

Meredith Hoult MH Original Designs

Meredith Hoult MH Original Designs

And often I go to work just for the fun of creating something totally unique that someone can wear and enjoy, and tell the world “it’s the only one like it!”

bracelet red

I love sharing my skills and ideas – and there are always more ideas to share and to teach!

Lilly and Gilli

Hours of fun, laughter, food, music, sharing, and learning at the studio in Richmond.carol and jenie at workshop

Yes, we share a meal during most of my workshops.

Jenie Yolland workshop

Jenie Yolland Workshop meal break at Appleton Street Studios.


And there are photo sessions to set up and edit.photographer of glass talking

Exhibitions to share with friends, and family.

coby and me at exhibition

And these are just a few of my favourite things that I’ll be able to share with you when the supa-doopa new website is up and running! I feel my life is so blessed with good things, and I can’t wait to welcome you there.

Profile Picture 2 is nearly ready to show you!

See you there? I do hope so.

Love, Jenie




















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