Absolutely! No experience is required for any of my Level 1 Workshops. We’ll show you everything you need to know before you start.  Its easy and its fun!

Nonsense! Glass is a beautiful material. We’ve never met anyone who couldn’t make something nice with it. Its easy and its fun!

Nope. There is zero chance of getting burnt in this glass workshop.  This is a fused glass workshop. Unlike blown glass, which is completely different, you don’t work with hot glass so there is no chance of burning yourself. Your project is melted in a kiln after you’re finished.  Also the kiln is at a different location.

Yes. My Richmond studio perfectly suits 4 people at a time.  I have access to a larger space in our studio “dining area”, so if you want a reunion or gathering of more than 4 people and up to about 8 people, we’ll simply run the class in the dining room (which is next to my studio).  Email or phone me to talk about the dates you want.

Absolutely, custom sizes and colors are available. Each project is unique and I work on them one at a time.  Let me know what size and what design you like the look of and email me ([email protected]) and we can discuss how to create exactly what you are dreaming about.

Please wear closed-toed shoes and a light shirt to the studio. Its best in a glass studio to have your upper arms covered, so please don’t wear a tank top, pop on a t-shirt please.  For any more information please feel free to email me: [email protected] is the best email address.

BYO drinks and food, especially if the workshop is for a specific event, your friends birthday – feel free to bring what you want.  Our aim is to enjoy ourselves and make some art as well.   We have dozens of glasses here.

As I cut each glass item myself its easy to cut it and design it to your specific dimensions. Please let me know what size and shape you’d like and I can start designing it for you.  [email protected] is the best email address.

We will call you to let you know if your piece breaks in the kiln.  If its 25cms x 25cms or smaller you have the opportunity to remake your piece and we’ll keep your broken glass. You’ll be given a selection of dates to come and re-make it yourself.  You will make it the exact same style and colors that you did previously.   Sometimes pieces break in the annealer ( a process of heating and slow cooling in order to toughen and reduce brittleness.) or when we are cold working them, (smoothing the rough edges.)  Alternatively, you can keep your broken pieces that we can redesign into several smaller items.  Its up to you.

If your piece is larger than 25cms x 25cms we ask that you come in and inspect the piece and decide how you can re-purpose it.  For example, you might be able to re-invent it as smaller dishes or coasters or art works.  If its larger than 25cms x 25cms, we can’t afford to keep your broken piece and give you another one for free.  Unfortunately, you’ll need to repurpose it somehow.  We’ll put our thinking caps on if this happens to you.

From May 2023 we have started classes where you can bring your kids.  Ideally they’ll be 8 years or older.  Of course, they need to be accompanied by an adult or carer during the duration of the workshop.

No – you don’t need to spend anything extra when you get here.

We provide everything in our workshops.

Of course you can!  We encourage you to take pictures and video and always appreciate when we are tagged in your photos on Facebook and Instagram, in your Google reivews as well.

You are welcome to write reviews on Google, Class Bento or on TripAdvisor.

Yes, if you’d like a workshop for a book club, or mother’s group, or team building, please email me for all the details.  I can book the gallery space or dining room here at my studio space in Swan Street Richmond.  So a larger group your friends experiencing a workshop together would be huge fun for everyone.  We are an old fashioned staircase so you all need to be able to climb our stairs.  Email me to arrange this.  [email protected]

We recommend hand washing for all bowls and platters. Do not place in a dishwasher, oven, or microwave.

Simply send an email of the piece you are interested in to me and the process begins there. I can then quote prices and let you know what I have available or if I need to make one for you.

Your project will be ready to pick up 2-3 weeks after your workshop. You’ll get more details during the workshop.

For any more information please feel free to email me: [email protected] is the best email address.

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