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Melbourne in winter is cold, not the type of cold that people have in Europe or Wisconsin.  I have friends on facebook who share pictures of their glass experiments surviving outdoors in their winter and they have “proper” winter.  We decided to Escape Melbourne Winter.

Winter in Melbourne is often dreary, its cold, its windy, its dull, its sometimes gloriously sunny and when the daffodils start to bloom in the garden, you can hope for spring around the corner, but in reality, spring is still weeks away.

After a few weeks of waking up in the dark and it being 4°C and rocketing up to 9°C during the day, we decided to escape to the sun in Koh Samui, Thailand for a few days. In case you aren’t sure here’s Thailand on a map.

Because Mr Glass, loves to do his research thoroughly, he discovered that the islands in the Gulf of Thailand (formerly called Gulf of Siam as in the map) have less rain at this time of year than the islands in the Andaman Sea.  Hence our holiday sent us to the island of Koh Samui.

Koh Samui 

is also easy to get to because it has a fabulous airport a mere 15 minutes drive from a string of seaside resorts.

The lounges are so bright and tropical, you feel like you are on holiday from the minute your step outside your plane and are ushered into a cute little open air bus.

Their “Blue Ribbon” lounge was about the coolest one we’ve visited, its available for Business Class and First Class passengers.  As you probably know, there are literally hundreds of resorts to choose from and we chose Chewang Regent Beach Resort.

We chose this hotel because it is nestled between the busiest and most interesting street life on one side and the Bay of Thailand and dinner on the beach on the other side of the hotel.  The very best of both worlds right on your door step.  (The only disadvantage was that you are directly under the flight path of the planes moving tourists to and from the island.  I think they have strict time limits on flights.)

You can see where we had breakfast every single day – who wouldn’t choose this?

blog by Jenie Yolland

Can you imagine? I’m so happy to be able to share some sights from our breakfast table.

By the way, for dinner the tables are put on the sand – so you take off your sandals and wine and dine on the beach!  That’s heaven right there!

We particularly loved the fact that frangipani flowers regularly fell into the pool.

Here’s the pool where we spent most of our holiday.

I love this pool!  They call it the “Garden Pool” its the one with the tortoises that feed the pool’s fresh water supply.  Its pretty isn’t it.

When you step outside the entrance to the resort this is what greets you outside.

A riot of colourful stalls and stall holders eager to sell you their wares and total chaos of electric cables so jumbled you can’t imagine how they keep the internet and electrics purring so smoothly inside the resort.

Please let us know if you are heading off to Thailand soon we just might join you.


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