Do you know what is the most expensive liquid in the world? It isn't petrol This is a photograph of petrol bowsers showing unleaded petrol in different colours.

Thanks to the chaos in Ukraine, the world is full of frantic talk about gas (petrol) prices. But actually, is printer ink the most expensive commonly used liquid in the world?  As I said “Never mind gas prices … what about them pesky ink cartridges?”

Having just bought some printer cartridges, I was wondering about this, when I found this interesting infographic created in the USA. It talks about the price of liquids in gallons, but via this very handy and entertaining infographic we can understand the very substantial price of ink!  Its staggering!

Ink Schmink – where’s all the money going?

I wonder who makes all the money from ink?  Per gallon, printer ink costs considerably more than milk, vodka (we are not drinking Russian vodka at the moment, by the way) and even gasoline/petrol.  This infographic compares some common household items against the cost of printer ink. We might start writing with Cabernet Sauvignon in our household. At least when we decide a draft blog is no good we can lick the paper.

As if the price of your ink isn’t shocking enough, according to Consumer Reports, many printers waste as much as half the cartridge.

Find out more in the infographic below. And here’s hoping we keep making progress to a more paperless world.  To find out more about the people who created this infographic please read more here.


A huge infographic showing the cos of different liquids

And you thought gas was expensive? Next time you waste a drop of ink you’ll remember this blog. “Think before you Ink” is my new campaign. You’ll thank me one day!

As always, thanks for reading. Love, Jenie



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