“Is the glass half full, or half empty? It depends on whether you’re pouring, or drinking.” – Bill Cosby.

Well anyway here are some pictures of Wine Bottle Stoppers that I made recently.  I am currently putting making 100 wine bottle stoppers for a customer in Miami, Florida – I do love a good sized order!  Yay.

I wonder which ones of these are your favourites….I like the ones that have the most complicated designs which I make by melting lots and lots of glass pieces together and then cutting them down and then putting the cut side down in the kiln and full fusing it again.

I need to get the shape right by cold working the fused shape with my grinder.  Here’s a picture of my grinder in action.

This is a piece called “Paris Elegance” that I’m touching up with the grinder to make sure that the edges are straight.

I always like the edges of my glass works to be as close to perfectly straight as I can make them.

Unless, of course, the edges aren’t meant to be straight as in my “”English Channel” series.

So as you can see, I can make the wine bottle stoppers in almost any colour combination that you’d like.

I use stringers and frit and confetti and sheet glass.

These are the stringers I use.  Threads of coloured glass.

Are you a glass half full person?

well if you only finish half a bottle of wine – you can put a wine bottle stopper into it (for a few days only).

Here’s where you can purchase the Wine Bottle Stopper.

email me [email protected]

for any questions or orders.  Thank you.


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