I’m like a kid in a lolly shop.  I’m endlessly impressed and inspired – by the work of others, by colours and textures, by everything around me, man-made and natural!  This abundance of inspiration leads me to lots of different design techniques and styles, all of which I find stimulating, challenging and fulfilling.

You’ll see bright loud Gaudi inspired sculptures, outrageous Picasso “girls” adorning blue hair and lavender eyes.   You’ll see graphic Mondrian style bowls and platters and feminist-invoking “Break The Glass Ceiling” pendants and sometimes brooches.

I love the clash of sometimes crazy and sometimes controlled geometry, that you can see in my London Fashion series with its DNA centre design element.  They indulge, I suspect, both the conservative and bold characteristics within me!  I don’t know what that says about me – don’t ask!  The relationship between the glass elements in each piece means no two pieces are exactly alike, much as no story is ever retold in exactly the same way, so it is with every glass work that I create for you and as you’ll create in a workshop. You can truly say, no-one else, anywhere, has one quite like it.

Anyway, I love sharing it – that’s why I run workshops – it makes me happy and its my hope that some of this joy spills over to you as well.

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