Probably the thing that gives me more joy than anything else about my life as a working artist is the opportunity I have to share what I have learned over 30 years of working with glass. I take the greatest pleasure from reading the wonderful Five Star reviews the attendees of my glass workshops leave for me on Google.

Fed up? Read a funny book … or come and do an art glass workshop!

In truth, very few artists ever get rich from pursuing their dreams. The best most of us can hope for is to earn a modest living – to help to keep the proverbial wolf from the door – to at least try not to lose money! But every time that I turn to my husband or daughter (or friends), in what Douglas Adams so wittily called the Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, and bemoan the fact that I could have had a more profitable career if I had stayed with working in the media, or in business, then they always remind me of the joy that is achieved when someone invests in a piece of glass they will treasure, or, very often, in a workshop to learn a new skill, to discover their own innate creativity, and to have at the end of it a beautiful work of their own creation to take home, or to give to a loved one.

In truth, life is not always easy. As the poet said, into every life a little rain must fall. We all experience difficult times, and recently times have been more difficult than for a long time. That’s why I really celebrate the fact that people who come to the workshops are actually investing in their own well-being – investing extra joy into their own lives – and that is, more than anything, what I love about my job.

If you spare a few minutes to read through these reviews of my workshops, you will immediately understand what I mean. My greatest reward is these wonderful comments, and seeing the enthusiasm and pleasure on the faces of all attendees. That’s why I am delighted to ask you, too, to come along to 550 Swan St, Richmond and share in the fun. Because I know just how much fun you will have!

Cheryl • Public • Glass Art Class for Kids

The studio is bright, warm and welcoming, Jenie is a great teacher of any level and age group. My 7-and-a-half year old granddaughter loved it as did my 13 year old granddaughter.

They have both requested another class next school holidays. Personally, I also have completed 3 of Jenie’s classes, and I would love to take many more.

Michelle • Public •  Plate Making for Absolute Beginners

“What a great class and I get a beautiful platter at the end too!

Jenie is lovely, talented, great at teaching her craft, really encouraged my ideas and helped bring them to life.

Her studio is so well set-up and the extensive examples she has of the medium and the outcomes you can achieve made understanding the process a breeze and really enjoyable.

I definitely recommend this class to anyone that has an interest in glass craft or who is looking for a fun day out while creating a beautiful piece.

I can’t wait to go back again to make more.

Thank you Jenie :)”

Kimberley • Public • Art Glass Class for Beginners: Make a Heart

heart in art glass framed in birch frame I absolutely loved the ​Art Glass Class for Beginners: ‘Make a Heart’,​ with Jenie.
It was a very relaxed atmosphere and a fun class.
​Jenie is a wonderful teacher, showing you exactly what and how you do everything step by step, and if you forget something, not a problem, she is right there to guide you. Everything you need is laid out for you to use, and every color of the rainbow Jenie has it in glass for you to use.
Jenie has lots of knowledge that she shared with us, she is very passionate about what she does. The venue was great and the parking was easy. Wonderful time spent learning a new hobby, I must book another class.
Highly recommended.

Greg • Public • Alcohol Ink Class for Beginners

Everything about the class was great! Jenie was inspirational, knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. We were a small group of three and the whole ambience of the place, the people and the event was relaxed and fun.

The materials were easy to play with and understand. The physical environment was comfortable.  Jenie had thought of everything.This class given to me as a gift and I was unsure – and,frankly, uncommitted to it beforehand. I came away very happy after a stimulating and enjoyable three hours. I learned a whole new set of skills.

Thank you Jenie!

Tamara • Public •Dichroic Jewellery Making Workshop

I loved the small group experience, allowing truly engaging time with our teacher, Jenie.

Everything was within reach with some examples of different techniques and finishes.
Each of was provided our own set of tools.
Jenie freely shared her knowledge and lent a hand when needed.
Thank you for a wonderful session!
Highly recommend 🙂

Elena • Public •Art Glass Class: French Meadow Baguette Platter

Oh my goodness, no wonder we’ve been back twice, with plans to go back again, and again! This place is like a candy store with Jenie willing to meet your every whim.

Even if you feel like you are not an artist, this lady can guide you to becoming one. Great teacher and great activity for groups and families.

Lia • Public • Try Modern Art

Absolutely LOVED the glass workshop class!

Jenie has contagious energy and clearly is skilled and passionate about what she does. We learnt some very fun glass facts and made awesome frame-able pieces!

Highly recommend Jenie’s classes 🙂 Thanks for teaching us Jenie!




See what I mean? How could I not love what I do with such charming and generous workshop buddies. And “getting back to normal” after the stress of Covid has also been a great thing – it’s so lovely for people to be able to get out and about again, and to meet up with friends, or to make new friends, in a safe and supportive environment.

And remember, for many of my classes “Absolutely No Experience” is necessary – I will provide all tools, glass, know-how and a workspace. Just one word of warning: you might catch the bug!

You can find a full list of workshops here. I do hope you are able to join us – or join us again – soon.


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