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Trying something brand new? Feeling confronted? Here are 3 clues to help you when you’re trying something new …

Maybe you are thinking about trying something new but you are literally frozen in fear (even though it is silly and little and there is definitely no chance you will die if you do it wrong!)

Well, the other day in my studio, I wanted to make something brand new.  I could imagine how I could use it.  I knew what colours I wanted to make it. But I didn’t have the equipment and I didn’t know where to start.

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There was a day when David Beckham kicked a ball for the first time.

Do you sometimes want to do something completely different and just not know where you start?  Well, here’s what I did and I suggest this is a great way to get started when you are overwhelmed when doing something brand new.

Self-doubt is a plague, and it affects most of us at sometime or another. It is hilarious that I am giving you this advice since my first thought about almost everything is not fear, but a certainty that I can’t do it.  My inner voice tells me “You can’t do that!” for a full 5 minutes before I figure it out and then after 5 minutes I’m okay again, and I quieten that *** inner voice!

Trying anything new is always a great invitation for your internal voice to tell you that you over and over that you will NEVER sort out whatever it is you are trying to do.  But I think, if it’s safe to do (ie you aren’t putting yourself or anyone else in danger) then just give it a go!

You know, it’s OKAY to be a scaredy cat … but just make sure you are always trying out and learning about new things.  it’s how things get done, and actually it keeps you young and supports good mental health, too. And I happen to think the more you try new things, the shorter the period of time between being frightened and taking your first steps is.

Sorry about my terrible sentence structure, by the way. Ooops, there I go again.

So (deep breath) here are my top tips for trying something completely new.

Person holding a mobile phone about to phone a friend for advice

1. Ask a friend

I could have spent DAYS wondering how and where I could find the equipment. I knew I could purchase the finished product from loads of sites here within Australia and from fabulous glass artists around the world, but I wanted to see if I could make it myself, here in Melbourne.  Anyhow, there’s someone I don’t know very well, but I love her work, so I just sent her a message online and asked her if I could buy of this product straight from her or make some in her studio.  That took some courage.  But I had a 50/50 chance, she could have said “no” she could have said “yes”.

Did she help? She sure did. She lent me her studio for eight hours and taught me all I needed to know on my little opportunity. And now I have a new friend, too!

So if you know someone who knows how to do what you are trying, just get in touch and ask them to explain it to you! Most people love being asked to help.

2. Look on YouTubetext that says Look on you tube over an old fashioned tv set

I promise you that just about anything you want to do is on YouTube.  Simply start searching and you will almost always find a nice person who can explain how to do it.  Someone somewhere has probably produced a step-by-step video on how to start that one thing you’re dreaming of doing.  Someone somewhere was once where you are now, and has kindly put the info you need right there for you to view in the privacy of your home or office. 

3. Follow the rabbit trail

text that syas find a blog on the subject over a coffee cup beside a keyboardHere is what I think makes doing something new so hard … you don’t even know the first question to ask! You aren’t sure what language to use, what the correct vocabulary is.

So as I’ve said above, start with your friend to get some idea where to start looking, watch some Youtube videos and then you will have an idea of at least where to start.

Then, maybe, you can search for blog posts to explain it further or even take a course … but I would advise against doingthat before you know at least what you need to learn!

I do hope this helps you in whatever it is you want to start.  Please let me know if these simple suggestions have helped. Most of all, never give up before you have even started!

DO THE THING you have been scared of!! Try it and know that it will turn out okay!

PS One last one: don’t forget to give yourself time to think. Sometimes the information we need IS actually in our own brain, or we can work it out, if we allow ourselves the time. We’re all so busy-busy – rushing from place to place – that we actually sabotage our own reasoning skills, and the wonderful reservoir of knowledge that is or own subconscious. Slow down, take time to think, and make something wonderful and new happen!

So you feel like trying something new now? Why not come along to one of my workshops and learn a whole new skill? Just head to: Workshops!

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